0800/20th January 2023

“Could we have some extra nuts?”

On such a cold day?


We were watching the Crows when suddenly a reddish streak shot by.

One of the curious red-tailed squirrels we rarely see.

Peanuts were in great demand.

Has Winter finally arrived?

“I believe you ordered this weather, missus!”


Some others friends dropped in…

for one of their rowdy visits.

The suet takes a hammering!

Breakfast was very popular after a bit of snow.

Mostly the birds ignored my presence at the window.

“Did I miss something?” asked the Cardinal

Junior Little Red rushed back and forth

“Those long-beaks are back!” he cried

“It’s exhausting, running about like this!”

“But a wee chap like me could get impaled!”

“That beak could go right through me!”

He has got a point.

Our other long-beak, the Red-bellied Woodpecker seems to have avoided the competition this morning.

Its beak is even more impressive. After all, it is made for drilling.

Sometimes, when I hear them in the woods, I think they must get the most appalling headaches.

But as far as I know, birds don’t.

Red-headed Woodpecker. We have never actually seen one of these, so I borrowed part of a picture for comparison.

Birds. Aren’t they wonderful?

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  1. Oh yes, on a day like this, meals will have to be extra loaded … one can go hungry when it’s so cold! Yes, birds are exceptional. I’m sitting outside in the cool(ish) morning air right now and watching the birds coming and going to the feeder in our garden … though they may not get headaches, some of them must have huge personalities! Great photos – I like the colourful Cardinal against the white snow!

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