Change of scene

1308/13th January 2023

“So what do you guys do for entertainment?”

“Oh, we go riding around in rainstorms.”

Well, sometimes.

Not something we try to do often, but one should keep an open mind.

The cat’s thyroid medication was about to run out.

Usually it comes in the mail, but it’s a holiday weekend.

And Hudson Falls isn’t all that far.

North, up the Hudson.

Wet, it all looks very different.

Astonishingly colourful, for a soggy, grey day.

In its own way, quite beautiful.

Poor light, and a wet windshield were a challenge.

The results far from perfect.

But the pictures captured what we saw.

Route 4 runs up the Hudson to Ft Edward.

That’s the river, just behind those trees on the left. It appeared close to flooding, but no-one seemed concerned even though the canal on the other side of the road was already over-spilling (above).

The locks at Ft Edward.

A very different scene from when we were there just months ago.

The woods a bedraggled tangle.

With cat medication in hand, we drove around the tiny Hudson Falls Park, taking the wrong turn as usual.

My fault for talking, I’m sure.

Even on so foul a day, Grant veered off cross country.

This provided a few more moody images.

Tomorrow, I’ll post them with yet another riveting commentary.

Unless something else comes up.

11 thoughts on “Change of scene

  1. It has looked like that in Beetley since before Christmas. Today, it finally stopped raining, and it is turning colder next week, with a chance of snow! From bad to worse.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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