0830/21st December 2022

The Doves remained huddled in the “waiting room”.

It was far too cold for squabbling with Sparrows over the seed trays.

“PEACE” they said.

“Let there be Peace.”

Now, the days begin to lengthen again and to catch the dawn, I shall need to rise earlier, but not quite yet.

This morning, having no peanuts to offer, I went out with a concoction I had created as a substitute.

Lately, the Crows announce my appearance.

“Carck! The woman is coming!”

Oh dear. What will they think of their breakfast today?

Glancing up, I noticed artistic scribbling in the sky.

A lot of people going places!

This way and that way and every which way.

Most of these flights probably operate daily, but the combination of temperature and moisture create contrails on some days but not others.

I suppose.

As the sun rises into a clear morning, it creates a perfectly splendid work of art:

Celestial graffiti.

On the driveway, the crows evaluated the substitution:

Which they appeared to approve.

“Can we get this again tomorrow?”

Maybe. But don’t invite friends!

Sunrise further enhanced sky-scribbles.

Gradually the scene became more muted, reflecting the frigidity of the morning air.

“Our tiny toes is awful cold!”

For now the weather could not be more glorious.

In the absence of peanuts, I wondered what to offer the birds and squirrels.

Then I remembered that when Starlings were battering us daily in the summer, I got in a stash of suet.

Starlings are very much still around. We often see them when we are out. They just haven’t followed us home lately.

So I broke up two cakes of peanut-suet.

Took a fistful of dried cranberries and some oat flakes.

Mixed it all together.

Added some broken up crispbread.

As of 1400 hours, there is still no sign of the other half of my shipment, which means I shall have to make up another batch.

If the delivery doesn’t come by tomorrow, who knows where it may end up. Whatever form the storm will take when it arrives, it seems certain that there will be strong wind and a good deal of precipitation.

And this being the week before Christmas….

There appears to be a new scam in which you receive notification of a FedEx delivery having been made.

But it hasn’t. So you go into the tracking number only to discover the item travelled from A to B to C.

Your location is approximately Z and there is no indication of what the shipment actually is.

What you are supposed to do next, I’m not quite sure. I just hope reading the email was not sufficient.

If it was, I shall find out soon enough.

There is no punishment dire enough for scammers, in my opinion.

I have lost count of the number of times I have had to cancel a credit card. In those cases, I was fortunate only to suffer the gross inconvenience, which is irritating enough.

Once though, in a moment of distraction I got hooked into a major on-line scam that tied me up in knots.

Brain had been wandering about contemplating another problem.

Suddenly it spoke to me:

“Oi! What are you doing? Don’t be speaking to those people!”

Too late. Thanks, Brain.

Later on, I discovered that someone vastly more intelligent than I had fallen for the exact same scam.

So then I felt better.

Which doesn’t sound good, but I daresay you know what I mean.

If you have followed me for even a short time, you will probably have realized by now that Brain does quite a bit of wandering about, especially when I am trying to write.

You just never know where you may end up.

4 thoughts on “Wanderer

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for your tonight’s musing, and remembering Winter Solstice, which will help you to deal with wrong deliveries and many hungry guests arriving. Also, for the stunning sky photos


  2. The blue-blue sky against the white fields are stunning … it almost looks both cold and warm 🙂. Your food concoction actually sounds nice – I can see why the birds were quite happy.

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