The silence

0710/17th December 2022

There was the silence this morning, that was missing yesterday.

Apparently the temperature dropped last night.

And precipitation recommenced.

Enough to create impressive decorations.

Very Dr Zhivago!


“See, missus! We knew there was a storm coming!”

“We gots no place to perch!”


“Now boys, it’s not an excuse for getting in a flutter!”

“WHAT did you just call me?!


“See here Sparrows, you’ll not insult my lady!

“Ya, whatever. Sorreee!”

(“Fussy old birds.”)


Leaving the birds to sort themselves out, I moved on.

Sparrows arriving in their snowy tree. More complaints!


Wet snow can be so damaging.

Grant cut a branch off this pine in the Fall, because it had seriously weighed the tree down last Winter.

Red supervised the operation and has been quite pleased with the resulting log pile where she can take refuge from the hawk.

And keep an eye on the availability of nuts on the patio.


A few degrees of temperature make all the difference.

This snowfall was sufficiently wet that it quickly melted and drained off trees and bushes as well as roadways.


There was still enough to keep the snowman busy.

Sadly unable to help, I went to find a few more images.


This date, two years ago we had 31 inches of snow.

Which makes this little flurry seem insignificant.


Serious snowfall can certainly be problematic.

Communities prepare for what is expected.


But weather patterns are changing so rapidly now.

Often you need as much luck as preparation.


What I dreaded most of all was an ice storm.

It’s still not something I look forward to, but when I had to drive, ice was what really worried me.

Once, I found myself on a crowded parkway when all surfaces turned to ice. The only way vehicles could move was by sliding.

Another time, I drove my aunt to hospital on icy roads, while hoping to avoid falling branches.

Happy outcomes, but hair-raising at the time.


This morning at 10 o’clock (left)

And five hours later (above).

The Sparrows are much happier now that their perches are once more available, though they are still staring at me expectantly.

“Time for afternoon nuts, missus!”

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