Driver designate

0653/9th November 2022

Not having any religious views, as such, I think it’s fair to say I am a bit superstitious and tend to read “signs”, though I am never able to decide what their message may be.

Crossed contrails yesterday were just that, two aeroplane trails in a cold morning sky. Why look for any other meaning?

But then last night I had a rather mysterious dream.

When I went to work at JFK I became close to another girl who had joined just two days before. She was a lovely person that everyone was very fond of. Even after she left the airline we stayed in touch for a long time.

Then suddenly communication ceased. It is always sad to lose touch with someone you care about, but it happens. People drift apart.

That’s life. What troubled me was that all mutual acquaintances also lost touch with my friend. When this occurs, you worry that something may have happened. We all still ask each other if anyone has any news, but they never do.

In my dream, last night, that friend of mine was walking toward me with her sweet smile and she was holding Willow in her arms.

Willow is not a “carry cat”, but there she was in my friend’s arms.

At this time of year one’s mind goes to lost friends and I often think of this girl, but I can’t say she had been particularly in my mind so I am asking myself if there is a message in the dream.

Strange. Willow is herself quite mysterious.

Because I choose to believe she is? Or because she really is?

Who can say?



Instead of a “putt-putt” yesterday, we met a horse cart.

Grant’s only problem with this sort of hold-up is that he doesn’t believe horses should have to work.

This one was labouring a bit going uphill.

But as far as one can tell the horses are well cared for.

It’s not my business how other people live but I always notice the animals. It is said and I agree, that how a society treats animals is an indication of how they treat each other.

Sadly not all societies regard animals as the sentient creatures they are.

Worrying and getting worked up about an upcoming event is pointless and this was brought home to me yesterday afternoon.

A morning appointment had kept me distracted and when I got home I busied myself “catching up”, but in the back of my mind there was that Zoom appointment. What would I say? How should I present myself?

When you have one of these tele-health appointments, they ask you to log in ahead of time to ensure that the link is working.

If anyone could screw that up, it would be me.

As I was about to log-in, the phone rang and it was them.

A very professional-sounding lady apologised profusely, explaining that despite her best efforts, she had been unable to get approval from my insurance for the appointment so she was having to re-schedule it.

It was a little like letting the air out of a balloon.

Except that now I am likely to get all wound up again next week.

Still, having spoken to someone in the practice that I had only contacted on-line, at least gave me the satisfaction that the system works!

Tuesday’s appointment was early and it was another brilliant day, so I was happy to capture late, late, late Fall images.

It is an un-ending season. I’ve yet to find it unattractive in any way.

The wrap-around tree, naked again.

From both directions.

It’s nice that it was not cut down!

Leaves fall, exposing berries.

And ordinary stalks are colourful too.

Familiar scenes that I take in all seasons

Small patches of early sun…

…and long shadows

Another favourite tree.

It always looks good to me.

When we approach this house, we always look out for the llamas.

There are two but we seldom see them both and are disappointed when we don’t spot either one.

Further up the road is a place where goats had been living but in the Spring they vanished.

They are back. So maybe they get rented out for the Summer.

People do that to keep their grass short.

Stillwater Bridge.

Another sycamore, its bark now revealed.

Tell me they are not still glorious!

Rushes line the roads.

The woods are still pretty

This tree still has a skirt.

This afternoon, I am the designated driver which is just as well as there will be no picture-taking!

Grant has an eye appointment and will probably have his eyes dilated.

That’s where we are off to,

so this is all for now….

4 thoughts on “Driver designate

  1. I sometimes think, especially after I had a ‘weird’ dream, that there must be a meaning – but alas, I can’t say it was ever the case. Dreams … it’s part of life’s mystery! That photo of Stillwater Bridge is beautiful, it definitely seems as if Fall is still hanging around.
    Oh, and I was looking forward to hear about the Zoom appointment – I’ll be patient then until it’s time.

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