Purr therapy

1733/5th November 2022

Saturday night’s sky was followed by…

…a very blustery Sunday morning.

The sound effects were impressive

It was the sort of wind we associate with a Nor’easter.

The wind chimes played a veritable symphony.

And if I had half a brain, I would be able to attach it.

But brain seems to be elsewhere today.

Clouds were moving at speed as the Sun rose and soon…

…the day had turned quite grey. (This is not B&W)

Rain threatened all day but did not arrive

By late afternoon the sky began to clear and I took some pictures

When I downloaded them…another mystery!

There are no dwellings over there beneath that hill!

It seemed I had captured a ghost town!

When you are inclined to believe in strange phenomena, your brain offers you suggestions.

Then I remembered. There is a marijuana farm over there and the beds have been covered over for the winter with white tarps.

The other “buildings” are just light reflected off the road and white tree trunks. How boring.

Next I’ll be seeing UFO’s.

Up here there have been regular sightings.

After dark, the clouds were back for the moon to play

A flock of birds returned late to their roost.

As I lay in bed last night with a new book, Patches came to sit on me.

You have first to persuade her that she really doesn’t want to lick your face but it’s like trying to restrain an excited child:

“Oh please, please let me. You’ll like it!”

Once you get past this stage, you must offer a spare arm for Patches to rest her neck.

It is amazing the comfort you can derive from the purring of a little old cat sitting on your tummy. Patches may be the sweetest creature I have ever known. I have always felt very protective of her.

When starting a new book, it takes me a while to get invested in the characters and the style of a different writer.

Which is partly why my mind began to stray. I was feeling bad.

Lucy’s chair is still empty.

She hardly moves now from her shelf in the time-share condo.

It seems she bought the other two tenants out.

Or told them to buzz off, more like.

Meals must be delivered.

Madame still takes her brief morning tour around the garage, but then returns to take up her solitary sulk.

Cats know how to make you feel bad.

“Lucy! I was only trying to get the knots out, to help you!”

“Oh, it’s quite alright. I’ll get over it…”


Patches was soon done with her cuddles, so I jumped up and lifted Lucy’s curtain.

“Treats?” she asked hopefully.

“No, I just want to talk.”

It’s pretty bad when you have to suck up to a cat.

But I couldn’t bear to think of her poor little feelings being hurt.

Clearly I blew my chance by not offering a bribe. She looked at me:

“Talk? Alright then, but you do know, don’t you, that if you put your hand near me, I shall bite it?”

“Yes, Lucy, I know…”

“Well thank you for stopping by. I’m very comfortable in my new apartment. Please close the curtain. On your way out.

One can only do so much.

“It’s all too much!” said Toby. “Who would live with 10 she-cats?”

He’s getting just the pain medicine now and that seems to be going down alright.

Lucy bought out Willow’s timeshare

8 thoughts on “Purr therapy

  1. Your photos of the sky are truly beautiful – not one looks the same! The ‘ghost town’ had me excited for a moment 😉. This reminded me of my mom that said for months she is seeing a big round object on a hill on the other side of the lagoon – sometimes it’s shining and other times it’s disappearing. She was convinced it’s “unnatural”. That was until Berto told her it’s a satellite dish reacting on the sun … she wasn’t impressed. Oh dear Lucy, it seems she’s not the ‘forgive and forget’ kind of cat!

  2. I hope you do manage to capture a shot of a UFO one day, Carolyn. I would love to see a photo of one actually taken by someone I know and trust.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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