A good Fall

1005/5th October 2022

The day we went to collect the car was a bit wet, but I rather like moody pictures.

This is route 7 approaching Bennington, VT,

The sombre sky and damp atmosphere actually high lighted the amazing colours.

Last year’s Fall was less spectacular than some.

It is all driven by the summer weather.

This year is pretty wonderful, I think.

Even on a dreary day, it’s a lovely sight.

Over a distance of just a few miles the change can vary quite a bit and some trees drop their leaves much sooner than others.

It’s not just the leaves that are a rich colour.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Coming back into Cambridge we passed an Amish farm and got behind one of their horse carts.

Grant doesn’t complain about driving behind them although he thinks horses shouldn’t be made to work.

But then they probably wouldn’t exist in the first place.

Amish horses seem well cared for.

Power lines and poles are unsightly but sometimes they offer perspective, I think.

Some corn fields haven’t been harvested yet.

On a sunny day it’s a whole different look.

This is as close to a traffic jam as we ever get!

We were heading “downtown” to the post office.

And it’s not just the trees that are pretty.

Coming back from Clifton Park on Tuesday we took a dirt road through the fields.

We came upon fields of a different colour.

Soy beans. (I think)

Something we’ve not seen before.

It’s really all rather nice.

8 thoughts on “A good Fall

  1. Your posts are always a delight, though I seldom comment. I particularly loved the cat pictures recently. I’m horrified by your car troubles, and glad that you are still able to drive through the New England Autumn with Grant, to the benefit of all your readers!
    Those do seem to be soybeans, by the way. We see many fields of soybeans here in Missouri (most of them “Roundup Ready” to my dismay, and to the detriment of many species, including our own).
    As a horse person, I think the Amish horses do have a decent life. They work hard, but they live a more natural existence than many “valuable” horses that are confined to stalls. Just my opinion.
    This blog is a daily pleasure! Thank you, Carolyn!

  2. The horses blends well in with the fall colours 😉. Cambridge is a lovely town … and you won’t believe it, but we also stay in Cambridge (a suburbs of East London) … but nowhere near as beautiful as your Cambridge. Your fall is spectacular this year!

  3. I don’t complain when I get stuck behind tractors in and around Beetley, it’s part of country living. But some people have no patience. Being stuck behind an Amish buggy would be a nice change, and less polluting too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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