What rules?

1205/20th September 2022

All the shuttling back and forth to the pain clinic could become tedious were it not for the ever changing scenery and the always different sky.

Recent rain has transformed our terrain and I think we could compete now with the Emerald Isle!

Overcast, damp days highlight the colours.

Car trips in the country have always had an appeal.

Presumably crops are rotated, year to year. This year some of the fields have turned orange but we’ve no idea what crop this is.

This, I think, is what they call “in your face”!

For a number of years I used to fly up to Maine periodically, my favourite time being September-October when to view the foliage from the air was breath-taking.

Winter visits could be literally breath-taking when the temperature plunged well below freezing. I found blizzards exhilarating but my aging relatives found it hard to cope at times.

Coming and going to Clifton Park we always seem to have dramatic skies.

I was going to delete the above but then I was struck by how the power lines caught the light.

“Wait for me!!!”

Flocks of birds excite me too.

Such simple pleasures. I ask myself whether I was blind to so many things when I was young. I have always loved birds but I think back then my mind was too tied up in other things.

On holiday I would relax and notice the world around me but now I see so many delights every day.

Something I saw yesterday made me gasp a bit.

Before going off to my appointment I had been very briefly in the garden. Something made my eye itch which is not at all unusual.

Catching sight of my face in the bathroom mirror, I was astonished and went back out to were Grant was sitting down for lunch.

“Did you not see this?”

“Yes, I thought it was just your latest thing.” (!)

Going closer so he could get a better look:

“OMG! What happened?”

It never occurred to me that a tiny insect could give a person a black eye. Apparently, if it hits the optimum spot, it can do just that.


“Do you feel safe at home?”

It’s part of the litany at any medical appointment here.

Extraordinary accounts of how one acquired a black eye are likely to be viewed with some suspicion!

Later today I’ll be asked the question again as I am obliged to attend a yearly “physical.”

For which I have no enthusiasm, but if you require daily medication, you have to obey the rules.

Something I was never particularly good at.

There has been no communication about the progress of my new eye glasses which are being manufactured to order in Wisconsin. My current frames had to be launched off so that I am left managing with an old prescription and a cheap pair of “readers”.

It is somewhat de-stabilizing and as my feet quite often don’t go where my brain dictates….I stagger about a bit.

But I’ll be sure not to at the doctor’s office.

There is also no news of my car, stranded in Vermont for over a month now.

“Mum, all of that is just fascinating.”

“When’s lunch?”

8 thoughts on “What rules?

  1. You car saga reminds me of when my car was at a dealership for an eye-watering 7 months awaiting a small part for the catalyctic converter. I wasn’t able to use the car even though it was running well, as it had failed the MOT because of that small part affecting the exhaust emissions rules. The eventual bill was almost £1,700, (more than the car was worth) including £900 for that ‘small part’. Remembering that still makes me angry. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. When I was a struggling student I always had car trouble. My father, in Barbados had a minor accident which was his excuse to abandon driving which he hated. Then, because my mother fretted about the unused car, he decided to send it to me. A Datsun, right hand drive, built for the tropics. It arrived on the Brooklyn dock in an unusually frigid November. The radiator had not been drained prior to shipping. Some weeks later it shattered as I was driving to work. It was bad in so many different ways, I could write a book. Upshot was it needed a new engine. So much for the free gift!!!

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