0715/8th September 2022

A dull clip-clop of Amish horses drifted through the morning mist, as well as the muffled honking of geese, winging their way toward me.

Visibility was very restricted this morning, in more ways than one, as it happens…

Our path through life is punctuated not just by signs, but by obstacles.

Here’s one of mine, currently.

When I moved over to the other desk, I thought I had solved having to deal with Toby getting in my way.

But now he’s moved over too.

Before, he could be encouraged, gently, to scoot over a bit. Now he lies down and has a nap.

No, I couldn’t possibly disturb him! Our Toby is old and frail. He seems to enjoy being close, and he must have what he needs.

The solution is to have the keyboard on my lap which works well enough. At least until Muffin decides she wants to sit there, which is her new “thing”.

Could you say “no” to those eyes?

You should hear her vocal demands!

Perhaps I am doomed to be forever a day late.

This was yesterday’s rather lovely dawn.

An early start was required. At 8 am, the long anticipated eye appointment.

The angle and the effect of the early morning sun, another sign of shifting seasons.

Crassulacea is blooming, crammed in as she is between the air conditioner, milkweed and spider’s webs.

Grant is of the opinion I should let the flower beds fade away untended, soon to be covered by snow.

He’s actually got plans for the main flower bed.

Next year, he says, we will have only authorized plants.

“None of that stuff that grows all over the place!”

Now that he’s got batteries for his weed-wacker, and the fog having lifted, the man’s off to wack some weeds…

Probably best if I let him get on with it.

It’s not as if I am going to put my feet up, with a book.

Before I do that, I have as a matter of some urgency, to order myself a new phone before my current one gives up its ghost. I noticed this morning that it has acquired a new rather alarming crack.

Then I ought to call the car repair folk, but I figure they will contact me if they want their loaner car back. The “ten day” job has already taken more than 30.

And there’s an outstanding “issue” with my primary care doctor, but I don’t want to talk to them.

They can tell me off when I next see them. I don’t much care for being treated like a small child. So e-messages will have to do there.

Back to yesterday’s eye appointment, which is where I saw these lovely Roses of Sharon.

Because my eyes have become so out of sync with each other, I had to be measured (I suppose that’s the term) for “neuro-visual medical eyewear.” It was everso complicated and included evaluating my sensitivity to sound, which is extreme.

Creating the new lenses is a highly specialized endeavour and they need to have my frames to work with. It was not suggested that I select new frames and given the already large expense of the lenses, I was prepared to surrender my current pair of glasses and revert to using the previous pair.

What’s one more obstacle, for as long as it takes?

When at the computer, I am using my old glasses. When reading, I use a pair of drug-store “readers” and when just out and about, I am finding it best not to wear glasses at all but to close one eye or the other.

So things are a tad wobbly and more out-of-focus than usual, but one should always see the bright side of any situation, right?

One could pretend to believe that the following photographs from yesterday evening are in focus…

A Red-tailed hawk came looking for dinner.

Gorgeous bird.

Another dragon?

Seeking to swallow the Moon?

10 thoughts on “Obstacles

  1. You might have eye issues but your photos speak to another truth. Your shots are always stunning but today, to me, they are more. The ones of distant fields and curves in the roads seem to be signaling something more to me. In very recent weeks, the word “change” has been tapping gently at my consciousness. I have no idea what change is being indicated. I hope it does not mean death for me or for anyone I care about. But it seems as if it is change for something better.

    1. As I think I’ve said, I am drawn to roads that lead off to unknown places and I don’t disagree with your feelings. All of life is a journey forward though. We must be ready for whatever comes. When I think this way it takes away the apprehension…to an extent, anyway.

  2. The Siamese-looking feline looks contented to sit by the window. But then what housecat wouldn’t?

    [The following is truly a mostly true ‘story’]

    ‘If only I had something new,’
    she thought, ‘something adventurous
    to do, like when the fields grew tall
    fields from which wild fowl fed and flew’;
    she the feline feisty and precious
    needed something new or to climb the wall.

    She walked over to the window pane
    and looked out to the neighboring homes
    to where she hoped to find something
    —something new, beyond the back lane
    rocky road where she often roams
    to where her eyes would be wandering.

    And when her attention was caught
    by the towering shingled roof
    sheltering the large corner store
    she at once decided she ought
    to climb to its black peak as proof
    of her worth to those who did her adore.

    Through the yards one by one she went
    glancing around this and that corner
    over then under fences tall
    till she stood at the wall she’d meant
    to conquer as a foreigner
    without any fear that she’d fall.

    She looked to the two garbage cans
    leaning against the wooden shed
    right next to the store that was so pink;
    up she jumped, her feet and hands
    reached the top by but a thread
    of no better place could she think.

    Having achieved her noteworthy climb
    she gazed over to the swaying trees
    unaware that her hostess stood near;
    at the bus stop as passed the time
    the woman looked up into the breeze
    and saw her black cat who knew no fear.

    Thus the feline had done something new
    and not seeing her hostess’s stare
    she returned home fulfilled and content
    for from this day excitement she drew
    and she thought again she’d climb and dare
    those high places worthy of her scent.

  3. Oh, that’s something I could never do when we had dogs…disturbing them while they were sleeping. I’d rather be the uncomfortable one 😊. Even with your eyes out of focus, your pictures are lovely! Is it my imagination or are the fields suddenly greener than what it used to be?

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