0945/2nd September 2022

It all got off to a very bad start yesterday.

Normally I do my outdoor routine before breakfast, but I was dragging my butt which set the day off wrong.

First, came the sad realization that my early concerns about the chrysalis were valid. There will be no happy event there. Not only that, but Grant found a second “dead” chrysalis. That makes three, which is upsetting.

There are more caterpillars on the milkweed, but I don’t know if they will do better. A lot of the milkweed this year has had some sort of blight and I began pulling up the badly affected plants, but had to stop when I found caterpillars already on them.

Not knowing what else to do, I decided to let Nature take its course. Surely if the milkweed was bad, the butterflies would ignore it and lay their eggs on the healthy plants?

Yet seeing the failed chrysalises, I have to wonder if I should have done as I intended. I shall make a point of finding out before next year.

We have had quite a few butterflies in the garden and I like to think some of them were hatched here, even though I can’t testify to it.

With a heavy heart, I stopped to take a picture of a crane fly that appeared in fine health.

Then I followed Grant as he made his way to the “stones” where he places a little corn for whoever gets there first. I heard him groan.

Something was…dead.

I’ll spare you the details.

Grant dealt with it and I continued meandering.

Geese lifting off somewhere close by, made their announcement but unable to see them, I simply pointed the camera and shot.

The result was typical of the day which followed.

Back indoors, I encountered mouse problems.

Not the four-legged kind this time.

Perhaps it took exception to my mouse pad.

More likely, it just wore out. It was refusing to charge.

Grant appeared, now on the way out to procure batteries for his power tools.

“Come with me. We’ll pick up a new one.”

He was going to Bennington and that’s where the car was being re-wired.

“OK, then. Maybe we can get the car too…”

Bennington Monument. Commemorates the Battle of Bennington, 16 August 1777.


No mouse, no batteries, no car.

Just a crummy picture of an obelisk.

And some hay rolls.

And a bush I cannot identify. *

The car was still being worked on. Furthermore, the lousy $305.98 payment that had been received was in cheque form and addressed to the wrong dealership.

Of the additional payment, no sign has yet been seen.

So not a great deal of progress there.

And Monday is a holiday.

Oh well.

We returned late and empty-handed, to face the abuse of eleven starving cats.

Two yellow flowers offered their faces as a token consolation for our useless morning.

Indoors, I found the ailing mouse had managed to absorb a charge, which was cause to celebrate except that it is still determined not to co-operate.

If I was more tech-savvy I could manage without or I could use the Beast that still glowers at me.

The Beast could be persuaded to write text and maybe I could plug in photographs on the Mac.

But it was late, my brain was numb and I was more inclined to throw the frigging mouse on the floor.

Though the day was not a total failure…

At the post office, a cheque from New York State with which I could pay a quarter of the school tax bill I had just received. Gratefully accepted!

Never take anything for granted!

The same day my insurance company proclaimed that I should not worry about my claim, they extended their other hand for the annual payment. One has to laugh.

To offset the disappointment of the failed chrysalises, two Monarch butterflies were doing circuits and bumps around their bush.

Circuits, anyway. Butterflies are far too graceful to bump. They are not easy to capture photographically but it is a delight to watch them, especially in pairs.

Monarchs have a furry vest!


…going to sleep a caterpillar….

…and waking up like this?


* PS: It’s a white cone-shaped hydrangea

4 thoughts on “Imagine?

  1. Hydrangea paniculata ‘Grandiflora’
    Common Name(s): Peegee Hydrangea

    I used to have one in my backyard – the flowers make great dried arrangements. I planted milkweed last year and it came in well this year but I haven’t seen a single caterpillar.

  2. I have never managed to take any photos of butterflies … and here you have a couple in just one post! They are gorgeous! I think the mice (real and electronic ones) are working together against you – it’s time to call the cats in 😉.

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