Tangled web!

0700/23rd August, 2022

It seems a little premature, but early on Tuesday, I heard a flock of geese . They are not necessarily all migrating, as we see them often, throughout Winter.

But they certainly do move around a lot in the Fall and I always rush outside when I hear them, hoping to catch a photograph, or just to watch.

Another obsession. I love the call of wildfowl and the formations of their flight.

Tuesday morning was misty and damp.

The day that followed thundery and wet.

Willow watched, disapproving of the noise.

Yesterday, was less damp, though I am still happily free from watering duties.

“Time you concentrated on cat duties,” said Dee Dee

“Well I could say a thing or two about that!”

It was a cat that propelled me from my bed early this murky morning!

Mornings like this, the night shift will have been busy…

I’ll say!…

It put me in mind of Gulliver’s travels!

One day I’m afraid I shan’t get out my front door.

We’ll be all tied up, or down…

How do they do it? Overnight!

“Go look at it on YouTube,”, said Grant

I will, but in the meantime…

Oh…look at the pretty grasses!

Not many weeks from now,

It will be frost, not webs!

Another of my favourite things.

11 thoughts on “Tangled web!

    1. The beast remains on my desk while I have moved over to the adjacent space (evicting cats) where I speak lovingly to Apple hoping it will continue to function…

  1. Even before I got to your sentence about Gulliver – I was thinking the same when I had a look at your beautiful spider webs! So, is the wetter days the sign … summer is almost over and your favourite season is just around the corner?

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