Special days

17th August 2022

After days of “drought”, suddenly a flood of photographs

The pigeons gave us another “miss” after several fly-byes this morning.

They had landed and stormed the feeders but before even getting a beak-full, something set them off in a great fluttering. Round and round they went then disappeared to another venue.

Today is, apparently, black cat appreciation day.

“Bits of me are black.” said Dee Dee

She is annoyed that her basket got moved to investigate the recent leak.

“Nobody consulted me!”

There is a hole in the ceiling now , but at least it’s not dripping anymore.

“I’m not black and she stole my chair!”

Actually I have just given it back, because Lily came by, wanting to climb up behind me which is her thing, but because that chair has arms, it wasn’t going to work for her. So I did some shuffling.

Now of course, Lily has disappeared.

So Lucy’s chair has been liberated but she’s decided she prefers the new one.

Contrary beasts.

Two black cats in one photo.

Blackie, still very much with us and Panther etched forever in my heart.

We don’t need designated days to celebrate our pets.

They are all special, always.

Now where was I? Oh yes, I remember….

The best way to find Monarch caterpillars, I have discovered, is to stop looking for them.

Suddenly they are everywhere.

The milkweed has reached such a stage of scruffiness, I was about to start removing the worst of it.

“You what?

“Oh, sorry!”

Impossible to keep track, because they move about so fast. This one was nibbling on a leaf by the front door. When I came back 30 seconds later it was tearing off down the stem, seemingly with purpose.

“Can’t wait till I get my wings!”

It has some growing to do first.

This little guy was hanging on by a thread this morning.

Like a chap who sits on a branch and saws it off, or one that paints himself into a corner.

When I checked after breakfast the caterpillar had moved to a safer place, leaving the leaf still hanging.

Watering my lush garden yesterday, I spotted a hummingbird moth hovering over the butterfly bush.

My camera dangled from my neck so scarcely moving, I lifted it. The moth vanished as if it read my thought.

It sounds far-fetched maybe, but I have seen this happen again and again with birds and butterflies that fly off the moment I think of photographing them.

It’s why I wanted a telephoto lens, but the longer lens increases the wobble factor, alas.

There are other subjects fortunately, that are less of a challenge to shaky photographers…

Yesterday was an all-day sky extravaganza.

It had been spectacular all day, but when I went out later on, I saw what I think of as the “hoover effect”. What would you call it? I daresay there is an actual name.

Like nothing else, it gives you the sense of our planet rotating, part of the Universe.

Many years of my life were devoted to aviation, one way or another and I certainly always appreciated the sky.

But when you are busy and especially if you live in populous areas, you tend not to look up.

Flying in to any city I was always dismayed by the pollution that seemed forever to get worse.

Maybe I had abandoned the hope of ever again seeing a clear, pure sky.

Then something called me back to Upstate New York. And I only needed to step outside.

1635/16th August 2022

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  1. Those ‘Special Days’ get sillier every year. What annoys me most about them is that they degrade the important special days that should be commemmorated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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