Dream curl

1140/30th July 2022

“I’ve got my bag, now I’m going shopping”, said Sikkim

“I just need someone to drive the car.”

“But Muffin, you always get car sick.”

“Yes. That’s what the bag is for.”

We did not pose her for these photographs!

The dear little darlings apparently took note of my disenchantment with them yesterday.

They heard my threat to replace them with bunnies and when supper time rolled around, 11 heads went into bowls that were licked clean.

Sometimes, you have to assert yourself.

Even Patches dialed it back this morning!

“Bless us and the grub we’re about to receive…”

Sasha sits on the half wall for a good portion of her wakeful hours (which average 2, most days).

It doesn’t always work, but she fixes whoever passes by with a look. It’s very crafty. Just a slight narrowing of the eyes, a tiny tilt of her head and when she knows she has your attention, her bottom jaw drops just a fraction to let out a plaintiff “meh”.

“Oh look! The poor cat is starving. Give it some food!”

Does she look starved? i think not.

Sasha has control of kitchen cupboards. She sleeps in a basket on top and periodically we hear the doors banging as she crawls inside to take inventory.

“Need more Florentine. And a case of Trout, Chicken Morsels and some Tuna. Getting low on Treats!”

“Oh. And you’re out of cereal.”


How we got there, I don’t know, but we were talking one day about “ripped jeans”.

People actually pay for jeans that are shredded.

Some of these jeans are more holes than jeans.

Shredding jeans is a thing.


We realized that we have missed an opportunity.

Living with cats, we’ve always got shreds:

People pay for shredding. We have resident shredders!

See what they do to a favourite item:

The Dream Curl.

Invented by one who understands a feline mind

Demonstrated for you by Grayson, one of my early fosters.

…and Piero.

“Could you take a cat that’s bit scratchy?

“Sure, bring him over.”

They arrived in a shot, dumped the cat in my lap and fled before blood could flow. Which it soon did. Mine.

Poor Piero had been teased. We calmed him down and he entertained us with his antics. He was another foster I wished I could keep.

Pristine Dream Curls. You could place them in various configurations. All were popular. Especially when Grant added catnip to the scratch pad.

Cassidy was an elderly cancer-survivor that was left with our vet to be euthanized, when the owner…I don’t know what their issue was. Our vet could not do the deed, so Cassidy came to the Suites and was adopted by another elderly cancer-survivor.

Cassidy always sat on her high perch, looking down disdainfully on strangers.

The moment this lady walked into the room, Cassidy clambered down and rushed across the floor to her.

It was one of those inexplicable moments you get with animals that leave you feeling humbled.

Another Grande Dame, Emily.

There are some rare cats who do not quite get the concept of a Dream Curl. I know of one.

You will have noted that in their original form, the scratch pads were intact!

They actually lasted quite well. Those tatty specimens I posted images of have been with us some ten years.

In consideration of this, I decided recently that sparing no expense for my little clowder, I should get replacements.

In due course they arrived and were unveiled.

Tinkerbelle said: “It fits my form quite well.”

The new generation Dream Curl seeming different, I had only ordered two, so I selected the two tattiest of the old and put them out in the garage for disposal.

Grant immediately spotted a design defect. The scratch pad on the new curls is in completely the wrong place. In about ten minutes flat this was demonstrated for us.

The curl is very versatile.

Willow likes to perch on top. Penny uses it as a stepping-stool to her box under the window.

Grant pointed out that many of the cats (this is Merlin) liked what he called the “double-wide” configuration.

Now I don’t quite follow the logic in this, but next thing you know…..

Look what came back from the garage.

“Look! They like the old ones!”

I think he paid Muffin to sit there….

…and Dee Dee to look possessive.

“It’s alright, Mum. I like the new thingy.”

Fine. Whatever. What’s two more things to fall over?

This afternoon I see that we are now in to “triple-wides”.

When looking for these things online, I couldn’t find the original Dream Curl. The grey-coloured “curls” are no doubt a copy-cat variety, hence the different placement of the scratch pad. They are lighter a third cheaper.

This one is called “SmartyKat Scratch Roll.” I am going to try another called “Trixie Pet Scratching Wave.”

There are many varieties of scratchers for cats, but I really hope the original creator of the Dream Curl was properly credited and rewarded for his ingenious invention.

8 thoughts on “Dream curl

  1. It is quite an ingenious idea, Carolyn, although the cats who come here like to stretch in every direction – paws raised above the head and legs also as if they knew a thing or two about yoga, it has to be a soft, thick blanket and a large, wide armchair.


  2. Ha, Sikkim looks like she’s on a mission … while she’s waiting for someone to fulfill her wishes! Yeah, happy meal time for all the kitties 😉 … maybe they’re reading your blog during night time and saw a slight warning in your last post! Oh, I love the dream curls – never seen it before, but I can just imagine that it must be a favourite amongst the cats … old or new, that’s the question?

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