Summer family

12th May 2022

Sitting down in front of my PC yesterday morning I thought “It’s 9 am and I haven’t taken a single photograph yet!”

Then I remembered.

Dee Dee in disgrace!

At the window, as usual, washing the breakfast bowls, I had heard an anguished cry from the front door.

What is it?” I yelled.

No answer. “Grant?” Still no answer so I went to check, finding the front door wide open. I raced to close it before the indoor cats could get ideas of escape.

“What the hell?”

“Dee Dee! She caught a Zoomer!”

A chipmunk was sitting on the path when Grant went out with his gang of walkers and Dee Dee was on it in a flash. It escaped, but her Wickedness was banished indoors to sulk.

She perched herself by the front door, waiting for Grant to come back in so she could cajole him into forgiving her. He is her person and she hates it when he is annoyed.

Noticing the look on her face, I had grabbed the nearest camera to capture it. Not her confident “I’m the Queen of the castle” expression!

None of the cats is ever in trouble for more than a minute, of course.

As I am running short of time, I will post an assortment of recent photographs…

All self explanatory

The summer family. Well, some of them.

Baby Red

5 thoughts on “Summer family

  1. Given the amount of cats you have, it is a a wonder to me that any of your other furry friends survive the week!
    Cats are cruel killers, undoubtedly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes, sadly they can be. I hate how they play with mice but without the cats we would be overrun. When I can, I persuade the killer to release and then escort the mouse to safety but they probably turn around and find their way back in.

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