At least there is one flower I shall always remember the name of. Very conveniently the right colour.

Though I believe it is referred to as “bubblegum”.

Not by me.

As a child I thought bubblegum was fabulous.


My carpet of blue is not to be.

Lawn man turned up yesterday with his horrid machine to make us more respectable.

Mowing down all my little friends:(

Grass splattering in all directions.

Ten minutes of mowing madness.

(The grass lies where it falls, no clean-up here.)

You really don’t want to be in the grass when these chaps turn up.

Last year a lovely little milk snake was a casualty.

We saw one recently near one of Zoomer’s holes.

“Don’t eat my friends!”, I always say to garden visitors. Not very realistic. It’s what they do.

But I’m not convinced I need to look respectable…

How pretty are the wild meadows?

There may have to be a compromise. There’s a thought. People working together for the common good. What will I think of next.

Tomorrow, I may tell you about my foot…I bet you can’t wait.


12 thoughts on “Mown

  1. I don’t understand, Carolyn, how someone who writes persuasively about loving Nature, and having an affinity with animals, as you do, can then destroy the most natural and beautiful meadow, full of wild flowers, and the essential habitat of other creatures?!

    I feel disappointed because I trusted you.


    1. What I may do is just have the area around the house mowed. The problem is we have nasty things like ticks which put me in hospital last year. I do not venture into the lower field which is wild.

      1. I agree that it is a worthy compromise, in view of ticks, which are dangerous to you, well, to everybody.

        My apologies for jumping the gun, I don’t have ticks in my garden but then I don’t have a field!


  2. Glad there are no ‘chaps’ in this part of the world… Snakes, I just don’t like them… 😉

  3. One day, in the enlightened future, there will be no such thing as a lawn. When I moved into my current home there were lawns all around. Very soon there were none!

  4. Yes, the wild flowers are so beautiful … but I also like a neatly mowed lawn (especially close to the house so that those unwelcome ‘visitors’ can’t hide from me … a snake … yikes, I don’t even want to think about that one 😬)!

  5. I have a yard man that does the same thing. Either his eyesight is bad or he just doesn’t care. He takes his Weedeater to everything green that isn’t within an established flower bed. I carefully planted Four O’Clocks all along my back fences and he cut them all down last year and this year, too, when they sprouted again. Even half of my Irises were victims this year!

  6. I haven’t mowed our small lawn during May, but I will need to do it soon, perhaps this weekend. It is actually nice to see many more birds attracted to the long grass, but it does make the house look ‘unloved’. And some very pervasive weeds have crept in, unseen in foot-high grass.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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