Catering Cambridge

0545/30th May 2022

Perhaps it wasn’t a Monarch that came flitting by the other day.

It could well have been one of these.

A Swallowtail, I believe.

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail, to be precise.

Equally welcome and also lovely.

But no easier to photograph.

It was feeding on lilac that overhangs a slope.

Plenty of things are not what they seem at first.

This was definitely a raptor…

…being harassed by crows,

though I’m not sure who is upside down there!

A different sort of bird.

At first I thought they were balloons practicing for next month’s festival but when I went outside to look

it turned out they were “paramotors”.

Lots of fun, no doubt, but they scare wildlife.

Watching the birds I had been captivated by the cloud.

So I swung around looking at it and was surprised….

…to see Ms Fox on the patio

She didn’t seem all that bothered by me but after another quick mouthful, she went off toward the woods.

This is our fourth summer here. Previously, we had only ever caught a brief glimpse of a fox. There had been a wild turkey carcass, far out down the slope and we watched through glasses, to see who would benefit.

That fox arrived soon but sat, as if keeping vigil, only moving in after dark. Then it was chased off by a possum and by a skunk.

So we assumed it to be quite timid.

Then one evening recently, outside the front door….

Peanuts. It seems they are favoured by every kind of wildlife!

Inevitably, the cats had to take a look, though they seemed not threatened and neither was she.

We are fairly sure it’s a she.

The sound of a car finally got her attention:

She backed off and ran into the grass

but then came back briefly before calling it a night.

Meanwhile another pair of eyes watched, cautiously:

“Really? You’re catering to foxes now?”

Not only that, but the crows have been watching all these goings on and they know when food may be expected.

So now they come and yell at us to get on with it.

Where will it end?

6 thoughts on “Catering Cambridge

  1. I love these pictures of the fox!! The foxes here in Missouri are more red foxes – she looks like a mix of gray and red, so beautiful! Unfortunately, we have many coyotes, and they sort of discourage foxes, but we have a few. I’ve never managed a single picture, though, much less a gallery like yours!
    The rabbit pictures are equally good.

  2. How pretty is this … a butterfly and lovely flower in one picture! But oh, I 🧡 your fox photo’s – it’s amazing how she’s not scared to move around in day light, wandering on your patio while enjoying some peanuts! Your guests at eating time are expanding by the day!

  3. I am envious of your variety of visitors, Carolyn. Though I was used to urban foxes in London, I rarely see any in Norfolk unless they are dead on the road, killed by traffic.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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