Woeful tune

1809/19th May 2022

Mousecapades began early last night.

No sooner did I climb into bed with my book than I had to get back out to deal with Willow’s captive.

It was alive but I could not assess its vital signs so I freed it into the night.

Willow scurried off to find another victim.

This time, Willow dropped the mouse in the kitchen where is took shelter under the stove.

Not much I could do about that, so I went back to my book, leaping to the rescue when the chase resumed.

Well, hardly leaping and it was not fast enough to save the unfortunate rodent. Its corpse was also ejected.

Dammit, not ten minutes later I had to throw my book aside once more and this time I liberated a very irate mouse which fled out the door.

The nightly murder continues…

This morning…

My driver being otherwise engaged and my vision having come good, I drove to Greenwich!

Hardly a challenge but it felt good to be self-propelled once more.

Driving was always my thinking time.

Also my classical music time, but reception up here is very spotty. Hopeless, in fact.

When I went to get brain scanned the other day, I selected classic music for the head phones that are supposed to block the sound of the machine.

That too is hopeless. I told brain to take us somewhere nice and relax. Lying flat on my back inside a machine, I wasn’t able to watch the ensuing fun.

After the initial scan, a nurse came to inject dye into a vein. I offered the arm with the most prominent vein but it seems that it is tired of being poked and refused to cooperate.

“Feel free to use the other arm”, I said.

As the nurse carefully withdrew her needle from the misbehaving vein, it reacted to the powerful magnets and shot out suddenly. A geyser of blood resulted.

The assistant radiographer came in exclaiming that it looked like the scene of an amputation.

All of which I could not see or appreciate, but the nurse who had just come on duty after an already trying day was unnerved.

Now she had to get a needle in the other arm that conceals its vein. Luckily there was no further drama. I didn’t like the idea that I had given someone such a bad start to her shift!

As I was driving this morning I was thinking of recent medical matters.

The nursing staff that have looked after me these past few months have been hard-working, dedicated and efficient people, coping under very difficult circumstances. I admire them and am grateful to them.

My grievance is not with them.

But the AMA is #1 on my shit list.

Such sophisticated, classy conversations I have with myself as I drive.

With the list up in my brain, I reflected on a previous contender for the dubious position of first place.

Banks. I don’t like them either.

Industries, corporations, outfits that have CEO’s and answer to share holders.

They are all on my list.


Here’s another contender, eating my flowers!

“No! Say it isn’t so”


Truth is, I’ve been having a private rant ever since meeting my new primary care physician.

My initial misgiving deepened when she told me that her own PCP is none other than he who I was replacing.

She sings the same tune.

It’s the tune of the American Medical Association.

8 thoughts on “Woeful tune

  1. That chubby groundhog looks like he could skip a few meals and still be OK.

    I can sympathize with you on your IV troubles with your latest scan. They always have trouble finding a vein at the place where I go for scans and midway through my last one when the contrast was pushed into a vein, the vein blew and the whole solution went into the tissues of my arm. It hurt like Hell and felt like my whole arm was on FIRE. I didn’t move or say a word because I didn’t want to have to repeat the whole thing. It took several days for the swelling to go down. Fortunately, it seems that enough of the contrast went to the right place, so it wasn’t all lost.

    1. Fortunately that didn’t happen to me. Only a little of the dye went into my arm. I once got an IV of fluid plugged in wrong and that was interesting!

  2. Willow is definitely an active night cat … can you even remember the last night that you slept right through? I agree, the nursing staff do their best … but oh, the medical aids (and the banks and insurance companies – I don’t like them very much).
    But I do like your pictures – thank you!

  3. You get a lot of mice in the house! The cats save you money on mousetraps at least.
    I like the chipmunk, it’s cute!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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