8th May 2022

How many contrails have I seen and photographed, yet never before had I noticed that they cast a shadow, or at least so it appears.

Things are not always as they appear, of course.

Willow loves to sit in the door to catch the sun and to watch the world go by, but she does not go out.

She would, no doubt, but I’m a stinker and with her, I put my foot down. It’s not a matter of who is more important. I freak out if any of the walkers exceed their time allotment. It’s just that I feel some of our cats are more vulnerable.

It’s not as if Willow howls at the door, as Lily does!

In this photograph she is the inside/outside cat.

Dee Dee and Lily demand to go out.

This day they were casting disapproving looks at Grant who was working in the garden, unassisted!

Dee Dee soon got her way. She’s an escape artist.

She struts about as if she owns the world and everything in it.

“It’s my runway and I’ll lie here if I feel like it. Go around!”

But this morning, Toby challenged her!

Judging from her reaction, he said a rude word.

…or two.

“You don’t own this bit, so buzz off.”

“Further more, you don’t own this either!”

Dee Dee took herself off to her basket above a kitchen cupboard and was snoozing when Grant came home with shopping. Yes more, cat food, of course.

“What are you putting in my cupboard?” she asked.

“Be sure to leave room for me!”

She lets herself inside and then you hear much banging as she plays with the door.

Lily goes everywhere at top speed. I think she believes herself to be a cheetah.

But when she stops, there is always that pregnant pause, one leg in the air. I think she is afraid of commitment.

Summer has arrived.

That is no illusion. It’s hot and getting hotter.

Not my time of year, but the milkweed is up. There will be food for butterflies. There’s always something good.

7 thoughts on “Illusions

  1. That picture of Willow is spectacular! I hope Sikkim is feeling better. You do have beautiful and very entertaining cats. I very much enjoy them all.

  2. The contrails are very interesting … yes, sometimes things are indeed not the way they appear. It’s a lovely picture of Willow. Ah summer, my favourite season (and so is fall) 🌞.

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