Lining up

1st May, 2022

Headache or no, it was too fine a day to spend languishing indoors, so we took a scenic route to Greenwich yesterday.

Grant likes to find new routes, though it’s often hard to remember where we have been because the scenery differs vastly with the seasons.

There may only be four official seasons, but I maintain there are lots more.

Ploughing season for one.

These may look like empty fields, but I love the patterns created by the direction of the plough.

Lines and contours make the land look sculpted.

These fields are ploughed with such precision and discipline. Because they have to be.

Surely, we should be able to adopt discipline (and care if not precision) into our daily lives? For social benefit? Maybe it’s a naive thought.

From the car it wasn’t that easy to line up with a gap.

Grant quite rightly won’t dally on blind rises and corners. Equally, I admit, getting in and out of the car gets a little exhausting when you are no longer young and fit!

There are so many avenues of trees.

Soon, there will be a canopy blocking out the sky.

So many willow trees.

Many different ways of looking at the same thing.

A lovely day for a ride.

We even got to see some dogs.

One seemed keen to meet us, but not wanting to disturb them, we simply turned the corner.

It’s always fun to do that.

8 thoughts on “Lining up

  1. I had a naive thought whilst reading your post. What a funny word naive is and it is spelled, or is that spelt (no that’s wheat), in such a funny way for the pronunciation, and that’s another weird word!

    1. The word magician! I confess I often can’t remember the spelling certain words and let the computer auto correct, but sometimes it inputs a completely different word.

  2. It looks as if you travelled from one season to another, because some of the fields are grey and then others are so green (and even colourful). Lovely pictures – thanks, I enjoyed going with you on your drive!

    1. It’s “changeable”, like over there, sort of up and down. I love the cooler weather but one day it will just turn HOT and humid. I’m not a fan of that.

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