Finding balance

1926/4th April 2022

Expectations of soggy weather, this week, only materialized this morning, with a howling wind to drive rain into windows.

The cat walk was seriously abbreviated, in consequence.

All winter, the house was warm, but this time of year is always a trial with temperatures rising and falling capriciously.

It has been a good week for sky-gazing.

Especially in the afternoon.

Interesting clouds had me running in and out:

Star-ship Enterprise?

Late afternoon sun lights up trees that are no longer really naked. On the right April 4th.

Above April 5th. Trees are filling out quickly.

Perhaps my favourite time of day

Birds returning to their roost.

The time just before twilight is so restful

Our twilight is very brief.

Then, of course, there’s dawn, so varied, this one a preamble for an ill-tempered sky

Though it’s mood improved as the day wore on.

Holding off the rain for another day.

Often, our sky becomes very dramatic, with fiery colours and boiling cloud, but the other evening after I took this photograph, I thought it doesn’t always have to be about drama and action.

There was something particularly lovely that evening in the gentle shade of pink and the softness of the cloud.

Like life, it’s all about balance.

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  1. It is just 5pm here, and already today we have had 5C and sunny, followed by a hailstorm, followed by heavy showers and dark skies with a temperature rise to 9c now. Typical English Spring weather!
    Best wishes, pete.

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