1840/29th March 2022

March 29th was very much lovelier than today.

That’s partly why I take photographs.

This morning I was happy to cuddle Patches, using it as an excuse to lie in bed a few minutes more.

The world had a decidedly jaundiced appearance.

It was rather how I felt about dealing with computer issues, carried over from the “upgrade” I loaded two days ago.

Nothing good ever seems to come out of systems upgrades, but if you don’t do them, sooner or later you are going to want to use some facility that requires you to be up-to-date.

So far, the upgrade has brought no benefit and my photo editing system is still having hiccups.

Coincidentally, this was the moment Grant decided to turn me into a film producer, requiring me to investigate the means of actually downloading and sharing my cinematic extravaganzas.


“Oh, smack me over the head with a big stick, why don’t you?” I felt like saying. But he is so enthusiastic about it.

First, I could not get data to transfer to my PC.

No way. Not happening. I decided other things must take priority. Like laundry and sorting my sock drawer.

Though in the end I sat down to tackle the problem.

When computers first arrived on the scene, at work, I was young and sharp (comparatively) and I regarded technology as a challenge.

For the most part, I stayed on top of our system all the way through several upgrades and changes of program.

Except for printers. I have never, ever, met a printer that would cooperate with me.

Even the Xerox machine frowned at me.

But as long as I understood a computer’s requirements, I could usually stagger through.

That is until it came to ticketing, at which point my brain went on strike.

But I hated manual ticketing too, so that may have had something to do with it.

So I sat at my PC yesterday:“What do you want?”

Why would it not download a few video clips? It had transferred such things in the past, so what was I now missing?

Periodically, Grant would pop up to see if I had cracked it yet and to heap more insults onto my Mac that he regards with much suspicion and scorn.

Which was a tremendous help.

Around and around in circles I went till finally the penny dropped.

The computer was trying to tell me that it had no means by which to play a video clip.

Which was because for some reason I had removed Quick Timer Player.

In a fit of tidying, I think I had decided to offload everything I wasn’t using. So I re-installed it.

Now all I had to do…

But I called it quits, because by then I’d had enough excitement and brain exercise for one day.

And the groundhog was looking for more carrots….

In my flowerbed…

Not much for him to steal just yet:

“Is this all there is missus?”

Why won’t he eat the weeds or the invasive vine?

This morning’s temperature having moderated considerably, I decided to tackle the wild strawberries that are already flourishing in my flowerbeds.

He doesn’t want those, of course.

It’s not that I object to the strawberries.

“They’re pretty!” I thought, when I first came here.

So I let them grow.

And boy did they! So now I yank them out as otherwise there will be no breathing room for authorized plants.

You see? Aren’t they sweet?

In the end they will no doubt win, as the condition of my spine and hands will not permit much in the way of gardening.

In addition to which, I have developed an elevated fear of ticks, given the illness I acquired from their kind last year.

Things may become a little unruly.

But I think it does not matter.

My buddies won’t mind.

As for my technical challenge….I think it’s in hand.

Now, I just have to learn how to create a moving picture worth showing.

4 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. I admire you for your patience with your computer Carolyn! I would have long gone to sit and stare at the wild strawberries! Lovely pictures of all the animals – as always!
    I’ll wait patiently for your film production 😉.

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for the entertainment fabulous pictures of your friends. I don’t know why you don’t send some to the Wildlife Photographic Competition(s), you would easily win!
    I love the sky pictures too/


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