27th March 2022

“Take that, you little stinker!”

“…and this…now scram!”

“Oh for Pete’s sake will you two stop it!”

“Trying to have a meal here!”

“Toss me a bit down?”

The cowbirds decided not to chance their luck on the suet and settled for a more dignified lunch with the sparrows.

Starlings are a tough crowd. Grant is having to repair one of the feeders due to their rowdy behaviour!

Meanwhile two mourning doves watched nervously from a safe branch to see what Lily had in mind:

No need for concern, girls.

My Lily would never hurt a bird.

Especially not a mourning dove.

Now, of you were this little chap…

Zoomer, the chipmunk is a bit mouse-like.

He stuffs his face fit to burst

…then darts off toward the basement window….

Grant suspects that this particular Zoomer has taken up residence somewhere within the framework of the house.

While she wouldn’t harm a bird, I can’t be sure Lily wouldn’t chase a chipmunk.

But hopefully Zoomer doesn’t fit through the mouse-sized hole that gains them access to the basement!

It was rather a surprise to wake up this morning to a world once more turned white, though it was little more than a covering.

It soon dripped off the roof when the sun rose.

But with a brisk wind it has been a decidedly chilly day punctuated by intermittent, unexplained power outages.

While this has seldom happened to us (so far), for which we are most grateful, it is frustrating to get power back only to have it fail just moments after one has resumed an abandoned task.

And repeat…..X 10…

Our bird feeders have been very busy today and for the first time in months we were visited by fat American robins. I hope they will stay!

6 thoughts on “Stinker!

  1. The starlings certainly are boisterous (putting it very politely), but what beauties they are at this time of year especially. Have you ever tried to count how many hearts they are wearing?

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