Willow, 13th March 2022

It’s, perfectly obvious that I am besotted with cats and animals in general. I love them for what they are.

But I also love them for how they look.

Nature’s perfect creations.

In this sequence the photos are similar and yet I like the tiny differences:

Maybe only obvious to me because I know her so well.

“At it again?” she said

She does get photographed rather a lot.

As does the endlessly hopeful Dee Dee. Hopeful the door will open and treats fall out. .

Most of the time she looks at me as a person who happens to live in her house, but when I stand near that cupboard I suddenly become terribly popular!


Squirrels catch my notice a lot too. Each one carries its tail differently and the tails themselves vary:


Some are particularly captivating

Little Red chases off the grey guys.


In the Spring of 2020 we were a bit confused:

Who exactly were your mum and dad?

Another with questionable parentage.

…and another!

Squirrels may be the most common of our visitors but I never tire of watching them.

What sort of tail arrangement is this?


The lighting was just perfect here!

Wrap around tail.


Flat-out style.

What was it, with all those orange tails?

Now what would you call this sort of tail?

To me they were “plaid”. Sort of.

This was a very elegant tail…

but by then we were getting a bit blase about them!

“Blase about me?”

Check out its feet.

Little red spats!

Then we had the rain hat effect:

…and the snow hat:

A few days ago, I noticed the rays of the lowering sun catch the highlights in the squirrel’s coat and the white patches behind its ears.

Squirrels may be “common”, but they are never boring!

After the end 2020’s Summer we never saw those curious colour combinations again. I wonder if anyone else has ever seen them?

8 thoughts on “Curious!

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for the brilliant pictures and your observation! No, I have not seen the squirrels as unusual as your friends. Mines are grey and no spats!


  2. I quite often see mixed tail colours and even some red mixed in with the grey, although we have no reds at all anywhere near to us. I am always amazed by the length of their fingers and toes. Necessary, of course, to allow the agility they require. Great pictures Carolyn.

  3. Willow is the perfect model! And what a beautiful photo of Little Red almost looking straight into the camera’s eye! I love the different styles of tails … it’s almost like a squirrel fashion show!

  4. I wasn’t aware that red and grey squirrels could interbreed. I like the red ones best, but we don’t have any left where I live.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Well our red squirrels are very much smaller and I don’t think they do interbreed, but I also can’t account for those strange coloured tails which only appeared in 2020!

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