1505/6th March 2022

The melt begins again.

Water running and dripping and pooling.

Oh yuk, Penny. Don’t be drinking it!


In the afternoon, the thermometre rose to 60 F/ 16 C

Grant busied himself clearing paths for the melt.

While I prefer pristine snow, it’s always interesting to see the patterns that develop as it recedes.

Lily found some soggy grass

and rushed off to explore.

This morning rain clouds moved in to contribute to our all around damp conditions.

The snow mountain is greatly reduced…

.. and flower beds are emerging.

Hopefully all this rain will not render our fragile road impassable as we shall be making an early getaway tomorrow.

In the recent flood, the road was a quagmire.

But my intrepid driver will get us through.

4 thoughts on “Wet

  1. Oh well, 16 C is our winter temperature (but obviously with no snow). The cats look happy to be outside … I bet they can’t wait for summer & sunshine (unlike their human friend 😉).

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