4th March 2022

The arrival of a wet, warming trend will see the end of our white world for now.

The rather large snow pile in front of the house is likely to produce another flood but this time Grant has taken the initiative by clearing essential drains.

The in-between Winter and Spring tends to be messy and I always feel a bit unsettled by it though I suspect there is more behind those feelings currently than just the change of seasons.

There have been times in my life when I felt pretty useless, for a variety of reasons, but never before have I felt quite as impotent as now. Yes, a woman can say it.

How was it that the world stood by and allowed Adolf Hitler to do as he did? I’ve always wondered. To witness a similar situation now developing is deeply disturbing.

What particularly angers me now, is that I cannot trust any news source. Maybe it was naive ever to have done so, though I believe many journalists were ethical and honest in the past.

But now, between corrupt governments and plain human greed and stupidity, I frankly trust no-one.

People who commit war crimes should be shot.

But so too should be people who deliberately spread misinformation, because potentially they cause just as much human suffering.

Next week I will get my new eye-glasses.

Maybe they will enable me to see things in a brighter light.

4 thoughts on “Outlook

  1. Well, at least you didn’t miss the beautiful scenery around you (I can just imagine what beauty you’ll see with your new glasses). That last picture is stunning … looks like glitter (or even like tiny diamonds)!

  2. Your new glasses may well make you see things clearer. When that happens, it might be best to put the old ones back on for a while…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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