Somewhere near Tomhannock Reservoir, NY. 24th February, 2022

It all got into a bit of a muddle because we headed toward Troy without actually wanting to go there and then Grant asked me to program the GPS to take us to Hannaford’s in Greenwich (“Green-witch” please), so I did that but the dopey woman decided we really ought to go to the one in Troy.

So we began to see ourselves coming and going…

…yes, sort of like that. Train tracks always want me to photograph them, like open roads…

…those tall trees are called “shag-bark”, which you understand when you see them up close.

The day started way too early when I found myself petting a cat that had arrived to nuzzle me.

“Hi Patches”, I mumbled and went on stroking as she purred loudly into my ear.

Half an hour (or maybe it was 5 minutes) later, I realized that it wasn’t Patches at all, but maybe she had heard her name because she suddenly arrived and off shot my other visitor.

At which point I decided to go and peer out in to darkness. There was barely a glimmer on the horizon and the clock on the microwave said it was 5 am, so I pulled up my blind and climbed back into bed to carry on tickling Patches who now wanted her share.

As I lay back, I caught sight of the most beautiful star just above the eastern horizon. Venus. It was worth waking up early for.

When I went outside at 7 am, I saw another celestial friend and wished her good morning.

The foreshortened night left me feeling a bit tired,

…and decidedly short of energy.

Earlier in the week, Grant had gone off in search of another item for his gym and having turned off the road to avoid having to follow another vehicle (God forbid), he let the GPS bring him home on a new route.

Which he was quite excited to tell me about.

So, faced with such a lovely morning (nice and cold) he hesitantly asked if I was up for a drive, what with the aches and pains.

As I had been saying, distraction is the very thing. The pains are no different if they are mobile and we wouldn’t be gone long. I promised Willow we would be back to give her lunch….

3 hours later……

Our name was mud.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow but right now I really must get off my sore butt!

8 thoughts on “Diversions

    1. For decades I rose around 0330 to go to work…it was the shift I preferred! These days it not as easy but once I’m up I love it. It’s so nice to hear the dawn chorus. They were squawking this morning though: “SNOW?!!!!” like it was our fault!

  1. I come from South London, and used to live just 3 miles from Greenwich.
    Everyone there pronounces it ‘Grinnidge’. We rarely sound an ‘H’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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