Hill house?

While to the east, along the coast and further south people were battered by a severe storm, up here we merely had an overcast sky with flurries and winds that played a merry tune on the chimes.

These photographs are from January 25th, but the scene today is very similar.

This was earlier today. Not quite what I was going for, but I rather like the image.

Despite a frigid start this morning, the intense cold of the past few days has eased slightly.

Grant was off to Wilton and though I would have preferred an extended nap, I needed to stop at the medical centre for a blood test, so I tagged along.

In close proximity to Saratoga Springs which is a hub for horse racing, there are inevitably quite a few of the wonderful creatures to be seen.

This is not one of them, but at least it stood still for a photograph. This is outside a Mexican restaurant in Schuylerville. Pronounced “Skai-lr-ville.”

Schuylerville has a proper car wash and while we were waiting I took pictures of whatever tree this is:

Still hanging on to its seeds the way some trees have kept their leaves attached.

Possibly an American Judas tree or redbud?

As we passed through Coila I managed to get a shot of the frozen waterfall. (Coila is our part of Cambridge.)

A front seemed to be forming but it soon dissipated.

Cambridge train station, right:

Rice Mansion. Built in 1903 for seed tycoon Jerome B. Rice. It is now run as an inn.

This is the actual sugar maple that gives our road its name. Further down the lane is a horse farm.

Occasionally, their dogs escape and go on adventures.

We turned onto the lane one day just as two were cruising by, so of course we stopped. Next thing, they were in the car slobbering and wagging tails. We escorted them home, very happy to have had a dog-fix.

This afternoon as I was typing, I lifted my head and there was another dog, come to visit. I summoned Grant who pulled on his boots and went to introduce himself.

But it wasn’t ready to go home so it took off up the hill and no doubt will find its own way home.

Though I always worry about dogs running around by themselves.

Alternate view of the house on the hill.

6 thoughts on “Hill house?

  1. It’s unusual to see free-roaming dogs here. I have brought a couple home in the past, and contacted the dog-warden. On both occasions, he was aware they were missing, and informed the owners to collect them from our house. (I like that old mansion, shame nobody lives in it.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Love the photographs especially that blue sky. Where we live, there is one dog who goes walkabouts, sometimes a long way from home, but he always makes it back safe and sound. 😊

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