0710/27th January 2022

This was yesterday’s dawn.

A very simple artistic statement, comparatively, but certainly more exciting than today’s bland GRAY.

The early contrail set a pattern for the day.

Air traffic seemed to be rushing every which way.

Later in the afternoon when I looked out, they were still at it:

Then it was time for another culinary extravaganza, so I stopped sky watching to concentrate on watching Grant cook acorn squash.

And of course the cats demanded another meal.

Just so they could reject it.

Ungrateful beasts.

A few days ago, we were commenting on how long it had been since the last visit of Cooper, the cat (as opposed to Mr Cooper, the hawk).

And as tends to happen, next day he turned up, wearing his thick winter jacket.

He was looking in very fine shape and came rushing to be petted, chattering excitedly:

“Are you sure I can’t come in and meet the girls?”

It was frigid cold that day, no time for cats to be out:

Even the intrepid Toby was content to sit by a window.

Not that we would deny Cooper shelter, but he obviously has a home and presumably will go there when he wishes.

If he turns up in a blizzard, of course we’ll bring him in!

A couple of days later, I heard Willow “talking” at the front door and I thought it was a squirrel asking for nuts, which they do when they have exhausted their ration:

But it was Cooper.

So I went out and offered him some kibble:

The expensive kibble our guys won’t touch.

“Thank you, but no”, he said…

…and strode off round the corner…

To stare at Tinkerbelle through the patio door.

She disabused him of the idea of entering, so he changed his mind…

…and because I was no longer watching, he tucked in to the kibble.

Cats always enjoy food more if they think it’s stolen.

How can we apply this to the indoor gang?

6 thoughts on “Extravaganza?

  1. My mum always used to say about her cats, “If they are hungry, they will eat it”.
    I went to Singapore in 2001. I loved it there. If I had enough money, I would happily live there.
    Some of the best restaurants I have ever eaten in. Very humid of course, but everywhere is airconditioned.
    (Except outside, but they might get to that one day.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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