18th January 2022

Grant has proposed a short afternoon drive and as it’s a lovely day and I am in an unlovely mood, maybe it would be a good thing to get out for a bit…


As I was on my way out to the feeders, I stopped inside the front door so as not to frighten this little chap who was helping himself to seed that Grant placed outside, ready for my distribution.

It is seriously cold today, so our wild friends need a bit of extra help and how can one resist such a cute face?

Then he really got into it:

Finally I got tired of waiting…

…but I let him finish one more nut.

The open road is calling….

Let’s hope it blows away the mood….

6 thoughts on “NUTS!

  1. Ah, he really enjoyed the seeds (or more likely the nuts) … must have thought it’s Christmas 😉. My mood is also not in the best of places … think I’ll go to the beach today to enjoy an ice-cream, that should help!

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