Ghosts and UFOs

1640/3rd January, 2022

Finally, cold weather arrived.

“What are you doing?!” exclaimed Grant, exiting through the front door, then in the same breath “oh my God, look at the sky!:

“Erm, yes. That’s what I’m taking pictures of.”

Arctic gear was not yet required for 5-minute exposure.

After days of gloom, yesterday afternoon I became aware of a soft glow outside…

…and naturally, rushed out to enjoy it. Who had time for coats?

Though I’m really not that brave. I had read there was an expected meteor shower last night and while I did peer out a few times, my cold toes took me back to bed.

There are lots of blinking stars visible on clear nights and yes, I do mean blinking. Probably my vision, or maybe satellites. Who knows. Numerous “UFO” sightings have been reported up in these parts.

Today’s early sun was welcomed by Willow.

She drank it in and seemed mesmerized:

It wasn’t just her, either. The other cats were full of beans:

Sikkim tried to catch the red dot

Sasha was critical of this morning’s meal service and wandered over to see what else she could find.

“This is a sad state of affairs” she said,

“reduced to eating leftovers!”

How they suffer.

Meanwhile Willow jumped up next to nervous Blackie

whose eyes nearly fell out:

And that lit her fuse…

Off she went to her dream curl where she discovered a stash of catnip:

Sophia took refuge behind her boxes:

“Can’t you take your show on the road?”

she asked, “I need a nap.”

Tinkerbelle sat on the sofa, taking notes and working out her daily plot.

“Who, me?”

Today’s target was grumpy Sasha whose breakfast had been messed up when Grant got an early phone call and service had to be conducted by the incompetent assistant.

She told Tinks to buzz off and retired to the top of her cupboard, still muttering “it just won’t do.”

Lucy, on the other hand thought everything was swell.

She chased around up and down the hallway after something invisible. I said to Grant that maybe it was the ghost from downstairs.

The cats regularly go into the “engine room” to have long discussions…

or maybe the sun rays lit up fine strands of lint.

8 thoughts on “Ghosts and UFOs

  1. My wife believes in ghosts, and all things spiritual.
    I do not.
    I want to believe that UFOs are real, but have yet to be convinced.
    She does not.
    Somewhere, we meet in the middle.
    That’s probably a definition of marriage.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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