More trouble

16th December, 2021

It’s obviously time I made a bigger effort to get acquainted with my camera/s.

Grant called me outside last night to see the full moon encased by contrails.

A pretty sight but not very much like the images I got.

Struggling to find the right setting in darkness wasn’t awfully helpful but honestly, that was not the problem.

Giving up the Nikon, I went back in to get my Lumix.

Splendid, but where are the contrails?

Grant took himself off downstairs and I came in to fiddle with the cameras, not liking to admit defeat.

With renewed determination, I went back out and because I can’t hold the camera still, I leaned against the house.

Next thing you know, the door slams open and there’s Grant: OH. IT’S YOU!”

And he stomped back in and clattered down the stairs.

Turned out that when I leaned against the house, I had pushed the front doorbell.

He gets a bit grumpy when the moon is full.

Fortunately, I know how to deal with grumpy men

Just ignore them.

This morning, another beautiful day with Willow back on top of the confessional. But she was feeling perky:

She re-positioned to the new box with a look in her eye

Blackie turned her head, apprehensively

because Willow was up to something

and Grant decided it was his cue…

…time for some nip…

“Oh yeah!”

Blackie is particularly fond of nip…

Even the Queen of the High Himalayas forgets

her Royal manners

and while Lucy is also a Himalayan Queen, she never bothers with airs and graces in the first place

Willow doesn’t roll in it.

She eats it.

“Oh, thank you!” she says to Grant

Not too long after she was in a contented haze.

With a rather silly grin on her face.

Toby, who doesn’t do drugs asked “treat please?”

Sweet Penny asks for nothing. She just fixes you with those eyes.

Blackie was later found in the confessional

Repenting, presumably

For Lily, it was all too much.

“That it should all come to this!”

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