The girls search

5pm/11th December, 2021

A dreary day draws to it’s conclusion!

Soggy and wet from start to finish and as I was reading around 9pm, suddenly floodgates opened above us and water fell down in cascades while a howling wind blew around the house.

But I enjoy a good storm!

Meanwhile, progress had been made…

… by Sophia, who ventured into the box on the new table under our front window.

She has been working on befriending Lily so it was lovely to see them together like this.

They are a sort of odd couple, as Lily is fearless whereas Sophia is extremely nervous. Lily likes to spend a large portion of the day downstairs, where Sophia will not venture. And when she isn’t downstairs, Lily is constantly on the prowl, always moving.

Yet, she finds time to sit with Sophia briefly and suddenly last night, I found them here together.

After yesterday’s gloom, this morning dawned clear and bright. Willow assumed her post-breakfast position on top of the cat confessional, for the purpose of bird-watching.

As we got breakfast, Grant said that maybe now the sun was out, our new little friend might come by…

…and as we sat down, he did. So Grant had to go and say “hi”. Dee Dee Sasha was affronted!

But Lily was seen getting spruced up

She is most interested in that visitor.

As soon as Grant opened the door, the girls were off, searching for the boy.

“I know he was here!” she said

“And here!”

“I think he went this way”…

“Down here!”

Now the others got in on the act:

Toby was only interested in finding some grass.

“That rotter came to my porch and hissed at me”, he said.


The girls wanted to keep looking, but they were getting too interested in the search and Grant called it off.

He and I were going out for a drive.

On account of the beautiful weather.

Look at that:

Shirtsleeves in December!

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  1. Ah, so the cats had a field day it seems! I just love how Sophia and Lily are getting closer to each other … oh, btw, my middle name is Sophia … so, she has to be my favourite šŸ˜‰.

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