8th December 2021

Rising early yesterday, to get to an appointment gave us the benefit of watching a lovely sunrise.

A further dusting of snow overnight was just enough to create a really pretty picture. Or two.

Then we were off to Malta. As it’s a place we don’t normally go, Grant asked me to stick it in the GPS.

Next thing you know we are setting off to the coast and a very long, aquatic trip to the Mediterranean.

No, no, no. Not that Malta! I had to wrestle with my phone to persuade it to abandon that idea.

As we drove along, we began to wonder if the planet had been deserted:

Not another soul in sight.

Where have they all gone?

It wasn’t that early!

Some of the roads were a bit slushy, so we were happy to be the only motorists.

Seriously, were did everyone go?

This morning’s appointment was at the infusion centre, where I was finally going to get the second, much delayed iron top-up.

Immediately after the first infusion I began to feel quite ill. They had said I might feel dizzy and headachy, so that’s what I put it down to.

When it got worse I thought: “Covid?”

Nah. Just a case of unseasonal tick fever.

( I don’t recommend it. )

Anyway, that delayed further anaemia treatment and I had been feeling queasy, but a thought occurred to me as I snapped pictures of empty roads…

“Maybe it’s taking pictures from a moving car that makes me nauseated?”

After all, that’s what happens if I read while in a moving vehicle.

In the days before GPS, I often arrived at destination feeling quite green, when I was designated navigator.

Which seemed to be always.

Not that I was persuaded to stop snapping…

…and suddenly we were on a busy highway.

We arrived, as they say in the airline business “in a timely manner”, and I found my way up to the filling station where I had to practically sign my life away.

On the little computer pad, this and that and that..

…then in triplicate on paper. I began to wonder if I was buying a house.

The paperwork took almost as long as the infusion.

The iron gushed into my vein…

..no headache this time, no dizzy, nausea gone….

Hudson River at Stillwater

Stillwater was the location, in 1777 of the Battles of Saratoga in which, dare I say, the British were defeated by the revolutionary forces. Soon the British were gone too….

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  1. What a beautiful sunrise – it sure pays to be up before the sun! I’m sure Grant liked the idea of empty roads 😉. Wouldn’t it be great if you were off to Malta in the Mediterranean …

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