Mr. Cooper and Cooper

4th December, 2021

It was a mistake, of course, to let Toby discover that I have a stash of treats in the drawer next to my desk.

Now, when he’s hungry he parks himself in front of my PC. Here he comes right now. He’s suddenly developed an appetite. And that’s good, but…

…there’s inevitably some other cat within earshot.

Fortunately Lily is also on the thin side and she knows how to be discreet. If one of the others happens to notice that treats are being dispensed, they send out a house-wide broadcast:

“Treats in the living room!”


Yesterday however, when Toby came for a nibble, he was suddenly distracted:

Something more interesting than treats, apparently, out in the driveway:

It was back. The interloper.

When I had offered introductions one day recently, it had scurried off.


Grant was in the kitchen, so I called him and of course, he marched right out:

and said “hi”.

…and so on…

Lily and I stood in the doorway watching and Grant gestured for me to go out. I figured the interloper would bolt, but no:

“Well hello!” he said…

…and came toward me chattering like an old friend.

“Sorry about the other day,” he said, “I was feeling a bit shy, but now your man has introduced us…”

….he even consented to being picked up.

A thoroughly agreeable boy. And he didn’t even ask for treats. Though he was watching the birds. Grant spoke to him about it quite sternly. For all the good that will do.

We can’t keep calling him the interloper, and he doesn’t carry his ID, so we’ve decided he’s Cooper.

Which may be confusing because:

This is Mr. Cooper.

But I daresay we’ll figure it out.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Cooper and Cooper

  1. I see that Cooper is wearing a collar (which looks a bit tight) and looks well fed. If he continues to be too interested in the birds I suppose you could add a bell to his collar…

    I love the way pets can sense a treat or even the fact that the word crosses your mind, there they are, ready to help. Kinda like social media tracking your interests…. Sometimes I feel that just thinking about something makes it appear on ones FB feed…

    A bit on the silly side today….

  2. When I was outside yesterday morning I heard a cat chattering and turned to see which it was, only to have Cooper take a running leap up onto the porch. Toby was coming the other way and came to see who it was. Cooper growled and turned tail. Maybe it was because Toby was wearing his orange jacket. Our guys are not too bothered by new cats,

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