Journey’s end

1520/15th November 2021

Yesterday I abandoned you halfway..

Sumac has dark red cones.

A bit of straight road

Yesterday I got an email from a friend with photographs attached or the modern densely populated world. Places like Kowloon, a Rio de Janiero favela, and many more, appalling scenes from a nightmare. I came back to look at my own world with renewed thanks and appreciation. Though even here, near more affluent towns, woods are being torn down.

As we drive by, I turn my head. Why do they not re-build on the many, many sites of abandoned farms and homes?

Another bend but then we arrived back at Greenwich:

Where we go shopping. Close to home now.

Route 372. It crosses the valley where we live.

Oh crunch. Poor Grant. We picked up a slow poke…

As we came around the corner, he said “hold on to your hat”, then as we got a broken centre line he floored it.

“What hat? I don’t wear a hat!”


We’d not gone far when we caught up with this van…more moans from the driver.

Should I say it? Truth of the matter, he was desperate for a pee.

A patch of sun lit up what I call the “ghost” trees.

Oh no. We didn’t get rid of him yet..

but we came to one of my favourite views

and that’s where I live, just down beyond those trees

…just around another corner…

past the goose pond (they all flew off)

This is the lane that leads to our road

We had to stop for a picture of the firs. Aren’t they evergreen?

Clearly not!

One of the views from my house, just before sunset.

And that was that. Another short journey completed.

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