Preliminary Fall

0915/7th October 2021

Lately, every day begins with mist, but yesterday the “Oracle” promised the gloom would finally lift.

We had been anxious to do a preliminary Fall drive as the leaves are turning so quickly this year.

The intention was to find a really rural route with good views. Needless to say, the routes we discovered last year are long forgotten.

“Oh yes, we’ll remember that name” I seem to recall saying, emphatically. Right.

But it doesn’t really matter, because wherever you go here is rural and scenic.

The minute the house on the hill opposite came in to view, Grant declared that the mist had lifted and we should go.

So off we went, forgetting the importance, when taking photographs, of the time of day.

Mid- afternoon seems optimum for Fall foliage.

But this was just a preliminary!

Barely a cloud in the sky.

The light was flat and I am not good at taking pictures from a moving vehicle. Excuses.

We found a rural road that wound between avenues of trees:

The woods are particularly lovely in the Fall.

There are lots of little lakes dotted around.

Further away there are some large and lovely lakes but I find the tiny ones very pretty and peaceful.

We came to the Batten Kill river and crossed over using a covered bridge:

Just a preliminary Fall frolic.

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