Mr Green

Early evening brought visitors to the lower field yesterday.

It was hard to count, but there were at least 6.

They looked up as I snapped their pics and then jumped the far wall to another property.

The Farmer’s Almanac says this is to be a long, cold Winter. It will be hard for them.

This was the sight that drew me outside.

A perfect rainbow, and we’d not even known it was raining.

This morning, a return to mist, not cold enough, yet to form frost, but enough to immobilize this little bee:

Offering encouragements, I took some more pictures:

Poor thing was completely frozen in place. I told it the sun would soon dry it off.

After lunch, the mist burned off, I went back out to check on the bee:

It was looking decidedly more cheerful and had acquired a little green companion, concealed beneath a petal.

Companion? Competitor? Foe?

Bee was making up for lost time.

Little green chap seemed to be keeping a low profile.

Then, a third party arrived, Ms Dotty.

Bee got agitated. Mr Green still did not move…

…in fact he seemed riveted to the spot.

But Dotty wasn’t so shy.

While Green Boy cowered, Dotty lunged!

Which didn’t please the Bee at all.

After a brief tousle, Bee took off, leaving Dotty and Mr Green…

Who appeared to have said:

“Oh shit!”

When next I checked, Bee was back and ignoring Dotty.

As Bee buzzed off again, I looked for Mr Green but only found some spiders…see the baby?

“Oh dear, he’s done!” I thought

But suddenly, there he was again…

Looking quite bold!

And finishing by taking a bow!

Isn’t he a handsome chap?

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