“Call 911!”

Don’t go anywhere. I’m coming back.


This tiny guy prevented me from doing something daft this morning.

Looking at dead flowers, I thought “I’ll just get the long-handled clippers and cut them down”.

But then I saw the tiniest snail and by the time I took his photograph, I was exhausted.

Grant says I am the world’s worst patient.

Maybe he’s right.

When I get around to telling the story, you’ll agree.

What happened, briefly, was that instead of going to acupuncture last week, I went instead by ambulance to hospital.

Suspected appendicitis turned out to be a twisted colon which had to be removed.

It all went very well. Surgically.

My middle is all stapled together, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.

However, it was major surgery and I am very tired.

It’s no big thing.


18 thoughts on ““Call 911!”

  1. “My goeie genugtig” (you’ll have to ask Grant if he can translate … oh, I hope he can understand Afrikaans 😲). But that is what I normally say when something traumatic happens! Oh Caroline, I hope you will be getting better every day … how on earth will I now be able to see how the season change if you don’t stroll with your camera outdoors?
    Take care … and be a good patient!!

  2. Oh Carolyn, poor you. Don’t do anything silly and do exactly as you are told. I hope you are soon fully recovered and that the cats respect that you can’t run after them all day long. Love and hugs to you. xx

    1. Thank you, Peter. I’ll try! Was thinking about you today as I remembered a singer I liked when I was young…long ago. I found him on YouTube and I still like him. Some of his songs are quite poignant. Are you familiar with Gordon Lightfoot? Great voice, nice tunes and lyrics.

  3. So glad you’re on the road to recovery. I’ll look forward to your lovely postings when you are feeling up to it.
    Best wishes,

  4. I’m so glad you got it taken care of in the nick of time. Don’t make light of it, it definitely WAS major surgery. Take it slow and easy. We will wait patiently until you feel like taking pictures again.

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