Senior cat

Lily may be the most photogenic of our cats.

When she is caught in an unguarded moment.

Because mostly, she tries to evade the camera.

But yesterday I distracted her with the camera strap.

My sweet Lily.

23rd June 2010

She was among the first of my intake, when I created Yeti’s Kitty Suites.

The Dream Curls were pristine, everything was brand new – then!

Not for long. I soon had a bunch of hooligans.

Lily was a little overwhelmed.

“How do I get out?” she asked.

“That black cat is looking at me!”

(The beautiful Merlin.)

Lily had only been with us a few days when I went downstairs and she fixed me with this look.

Well, what would you do?

This is her Diana Princess of Wales look.

She melted my heart, and Panther’s too.

She liked to visit the bunnies.

And before long, she looked much more content.

5th May, 2012. I snapped this picture of Lily and Thimphu. Lily often buries her face to sleep.

Next morning Thimphu was in terrible distress and I had to have him put to sleep. He was only 8. I was stunned.

Losing my pets always knocks me down. Lily has been with me now through so many losses. She has gravitated to Grant since he lost his Tom, but she is still so very much in my heart.

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  1. I love hearing your cats’ life stories. All those little details that stick in our minds remind us that they will forever remain in our hearts. Lily poses very prettily.

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