14th August 2021

The “walk-about” cats hovered in the open doorway this morning looking vexed, as if we had arranged for a downpour just to annoy them.

Lily was the only one brave enough to venture out quickly, running through the drops to the garage and promptly rushing back.

Even the birds and ground hogs were sheltering this morning. Perhaps they are trying to get over their fractious mood which some days is very evident:

“Will you lot for heavens sake stop bickering!” grumbled Burley, the chief groundhog.

But the grackles kept it up.

“Time you grew up, child!” shrieked Mum

Zoomer was affronted at such unkind words.

Though We’ve seen quite a bit of Zoomer violence at times too!

Zoomer is the smallest of our visitors, but when he’s in a hurry, watch out. He stops for no-one!

It’s so much nicer when everyone gets along.

It’s not just the wildlife that’s moody.

Willow even seemed nostalgic.

Maybe it’s a late August thing, maybe it’s steroid injections or hydrocloroquine pills.

Or maybe it’s all the bad news that is impossible to ignore.

Maybe it was sorting through old photographs and memories.

In an old journal I found a theory I once had for the cause of my deep melancholy. Perhaps one day I’ll write about it. Maybe it’s not as far fetched as I think.

Time for a cup of tea and an adjustment of mindset…

5 thoughts on “Moody

  1. It’s almost that time of year when I get in a depressed mood. September has always been a sad, depressing month for me for many reasons. Are you moods seasonal like mine are? I would love to hear your theory about your melancholic moods. Your wildlife and flower photos always cheer me up!

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