Bright spots

0820/11th August 2021

It always inspires me when I see a shaft of light penetrating the dark and I always stop to look at rainbows:

We see them quite often here.

With a heat warning in effect today, I had to search out some refreshing photographs!

This was a mullein leaf a few mornings ago, it’s velvet surface holding on to the heavy dew.

One of my “Christmas trees”. Little Red lives in this one and he was quite cross when I took these pics!

He lives up the tree by the garage, so we get scolded every time we go out! He retires for Winter.

As does the groundhog who is building up for it!

He’ll go “pop” soon!

The other day we noticed another chrysalis, – attached to the house! Then this morning on the wall I saw a caterpillar that appeared to be in deep meditation. That was at 7 am.

And this is what he looked like at 10 o’clock!

So now we have 3 chrysalises to keep an eye on.


Due to the heat, we’re allowing communal bathing:

The grackle wasn’t pleased about being photographed.

Time to go out and refresh the pans.

Work is never done!

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