Shot in the…what?

7th August 2021

A young blue jay takes breakfast, silhouetted by early sunlight.

Meanwhile, Willow prepared for her game of twirlies

Then decided to contemplate her piece of paper instead.

We permanently have a piece of brown paper on the living room floor and several of the cats regularly sit on it, with a look that says “Thinking. Do not disturb!”

Lucy isn’t into all that. When she’s done with breakfast, she sits beside me while I have mine and she’ll fix me with her one eye, poke me with her paw: “Eh!” she says, which is her way of saying that all is OK with the world, and the day may proceed.

Then she relocates to her box in the front room, my office and bedroom and there she stays, taking room service meals.

That is unless they are not served promptly, in which case she suddenly arrives on my desk with another “Eh!”

Though it’s usually one of the others who gets disturbed by hunger pangs. Quite often Lily arrives on my desk to parade up and down in front of me then pokes me.


For the most part, Lily has otherwise abandoned me. It’s a bit sad, but she dances to her own tune.

Cat lunch is easy because it consists of a little kibble which they all love, except Madame Sikkim.

Ordinary kibble won’t do for her ladyship. She must have this or that, depending on her mood. After all, she is the Queen of the Highest Himalayas. Don’t you know.

Breakfast and dinner have become a circus lately as everyone wants to swap bowls. Noses in the air:

“Ik! what’s that?”

“Oof. Seriously?”

You wouldn’t believe the variety of food these cats are offered. Little stinkers.

We would lay out the eleven bowls and let them choose, but that would involve cooperation. From cats.

They are worse than airline passengers.


Looking at the long term weather forecast, I would say that I shall not be venturing outdoors much until next month, the balance of August promising to be toasty.

However, I must do my early morning routine and my daily caterpillar count.

This morning I encountered this alarming-looking creature and quickly snapped his mug shot.

Enlarged, he doesn’t actually look quite so fierce. That’s his hole in the ground.

It almost looked as though he was posing for me.


But he didn’t attack me either.

The caterpillar count is into double digits, which I’m thrilled about as it means at least some of them with morph into butterflies. I was particularly pleased to witness this chap…

…turn himself into this! All accomplished within 7 hours.

The chrysalis is on a Siberian tea leaf which offers better camouflage and protection.


There’s another reason I won’t be spending time outside and why I have to limit computer time as well.

The latest diagnosis: Ischial bursitis. Otherwise known as a real pain in the butt.

And the cure? It sounds very low-class but next week I shall get a shot in the ass.

Can’t wait to see how that goes!

4 thoughts on “Shot in the…what?

  1. Huh … I had a little laugh and enjoyed your post about the cats that acts like airline passengers … that was until I got to your second last sentence πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ … then I forgot everything I’ve just read!
    Can I just say good luck …

  2. Cats just adorable. Madame Sikkim has such beautiful blue eyes. And…..
    Good luck with your shot. Sorry I laughed so badly πŸ˜€πŸ‘but I really wish that it will help.

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