Technical problems

11th May 2021 Cherry Plum flower

If my theory is accurate, the Internet will fail shortly, as it did yesterday.

The afternoon was spent re-setting the equipment and phoning the company.All to no avail.

As we now have a date for burial of the cable, I felt it would behoove the company to make sure repairs were effected before that date.

A very jolly chap in some remote location agreed with me and yet another technician will arrive this evening.

Here’s my theory:

We switched to this new company just before snow arrived and thereafter the cable they had installed lay deeply buried, for weeks. During that time, everything ran perfectly.

The first sign of trouble came after the snow disappeared.

We needed help two or three times and I made note of an interesting fact.

Each time we had problems, the weather was bright and sunny.

Admittedly, I know nothing of these matters.

However, it seems to me that an electric cable really ought not to be sitting exposed on the ground for extensive periods.

Apart from the creatures that might decide to nibble on it, which as far as I know has not yet happened, surely intense heat cannot be good?

Even before warmer weather arrived, the sun, when it shone was warming the ground significantly and now, it gets really hot.

As it’s now almost noon, I expect to lose service any minute.

So I am going to post this humble offering and hope for resolution some time this week!


Photographs were experiments with a macro lens. How pretty things are when you can see them properly.

There is another reason for a short post, to be honest. I am currently unable to sit for more than a few minutes due to a serious flare of whatever it is, sacroiliitis/bursitis….

Another technical problem!

2 thoughts on “Technical problems

  1. I think you should rely on the intuition provided by the cats. Depending on their affection for your cable enabled behaviors you should be able to gauge the quality of service delivery.

    But basically of course – while cats are unreliable reliable – cable companies are reliably unreliable.

    People have been known to resort to phases of the moon.

  2. Yes. Wasn’t life easier when we did it all long hand and long-winded? The ISP clearly is in a muddle. They’ve taken on more than they are equipped to deal with, but at least I can understand their personnel when I have to call.. As for the cats….they are being very awkward over food just now and then the air conditioner packed it in so they are too HOT but won’t stay downstairs where it’s cool. There are field mice down there and I am happy for them to stay.. down there …but periodically one of the little dears brings one up. Smile. Full moon in the early hours tomorrow but we are expecting a storm.

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