Penny, reading the message

See how long the grass is? We need to get it cut.

The grass man was in touch, so he’s waiting for our call.

Only problem is:

We’ve still got excavations.

We still have the Internet cable lying across the grass.

What a three ring circus.

Having established, more or less, that we have the correct cable, the cable-burying chaps said they would “get right on it”.

We expected a delay but no, “next week” they said.

That was last week. So Grant called them again.

Ah. Well, the equipment failed. And the truck broke down.But they are getting it sorted.

I bet.

Anyway, that’s why the grass can’t get cut. Personally, I couldn’t care less, especially since I’m going to let Nature take over and go wild.


We had a visitor last night. He was moving too fast for me to get a picture, but he left messages:

Which were investigated this morning by the “walkers”.

Except Sikkim, who was only interested in the sweet new grass. Or maybe she was checking to see if the ditch had been filled in yet.

Just before dark, last night, I spotted a new grey tabby cat walking along the bushes purposefully spraying his calling card as he went.

Hopefully he was just a passerby. Stray cats disturb my little wild friends and sometimes my indoor ones too.

Our latest returnee, Mr Grosbeak finally caught up with his wife who arrived a couple of days ago.

Last year we had two pairs. I hope the others will be back.

Mr Towhee is all alone again.

He hangs out with the other birds but he appears to have no mate. I must check out Towhee behavior to see if this is unusual.

It does sort of confirm that this is the same bird that was here last year and I always find it amazing that birds can disappear for months, travelling thousands of miles and return to the same spot each year.

How amazing birds are.

“Bottoms up, chaps!”

“Oi! She took our picture!”


So things on the Internet front are making no progress at the moment, however personally, I have been given the go-ahead for my own next step: on Tuesday I get the first rhizotomy. Sound like fun?

They will cut a quarter inch somewhere in the base of my neck to run in a wire that will burn through some nerve endings with an electrical charge. I’ve opted for no anesthesia because they can numb the incision area and I don’t need to be made any more dopey than I already am.

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