May Day


It’s a cold day in May
Hares and rabbits
Rabbits and hares.
You have to say that
To keep gremlins at bay.
So they say.
On the first day
Of every month.

But you have to say it
First, before another word
Is heard
From your mouth.
Otherwise, it all goes South,

My calendar gets turned
The night before 
The first.
But the rabbits and hares
I fear are forgot
As I always talk
To some cat
When I wake
So I break 
The spell
Oh well.

It’s cleaning day which is always distracting and my body is sore. So I am about to flee and take refuge with the cats downstairs.

Grant, of course, thinks I must do the exercise routine he has prescribed, never mind that it is most of the reason I am sore.

He says “it’s a good kind of sore, isn’t it?”


But I’ve told him I shan’t be doing any hard stuff today!

Aren’t the local bunnies pretty?

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