Corpses of animals, killed on the road
Corpses of farm houses
Corpses of barns, empty and dark,
Corpses of tractors.
Corpses of cars, cast off in the weeds,
Corpses of trees, broken and stark.
Corpses of fields, lying fallow and bare,
Corpses of woods, that once were fair
Flayed by storms which
Are Nature's pitch
Against our kind.
Corpses of homes, abandoned, unsold
Corpses of houses unloved and alone
Curtains left dangling
Behind broken panes.
Corpses of mattresses
Thrown out of a truck
Lying there among the muck.
Corpses of fast food
Strewn along the road.
Confetti of an unkempt kind.

These are the few
That came to my view
In one short drive 

But there are plenty more
That come to mind:

Corpses of buildings
Once used for trade
Corpses of aeroplanes
Too many made.
Corpses of gas stations
Become obsolete
Corpses of trains, and their tracks.
Corpses of "machines"
Abandoned because no one cares
To make repairs.
Corpses of furniture 
Only in style
For a while.
Corpses of malls
Corpses of cinemas,
Corpses of halls.
Corpses of towns
And whole suburbs.
Corpses of ships,
Rusting hulks
Or brand new,
Abandoned too,
With nowhere to go.....corpses, corpses...

Corpses. Our world is full of so many kinds of corpses. The corpses of ancient cities are so attractive. Somehow I can't think that ours ever will be.

It was a thought that came to mind as we drove back from my latest pain management test, which, while successful, appears to have disconnected my brain from the function of my legs, just a bit. It's temporary. Just a bit disorienting. So please forgive my rather sombre scribble.

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