Ides of April

0706/16th April 2021

Snow had seemed a possibility, but I was mildly surprised to see that it had materialized.

Fortunately, this time it was barely more than a dusting so not a problem for the early buds, I think.

Little Red was rather taken aback but he found something to nibble beneath the white stuff:

By the time Zoomer surfaced, it was mostly gone.

Undeterred, the cowbirds were performing some sort of breakfast mating ritual


During our internet ups and downs, I decided to write a piece that I could post once service was properly restored, but the result put me in an unhappy frame of mind, so I agreed to go out for a ride with Grant, to alter my perspective.

Currently, we are “up”, but the second technician who came to visit informed us, that yes, we do have the correct cable, but there’s a glitch in the system. And they don’t know where. Or, apparently, how to find it.

As for burying the cable…????? Grant has a metal detector, so when the weather clears, he’s going out to see what he can find in the way of electrical cables and gas lines, because for sure nothing got buried very deeply, given the way everything else was done! I’m no good at these sorts of muddles, where everyone you talk to says someone else needs to do something different. Actually, it drives me nuts.

And in the meantime? Another of my credit cards got appropriated by some swine.This did not serve to cheer me a whole lot. I intended to modify that post I prepared but it is beyond hope.

Here are some pics of Spring snow which is different to winter snow:

And these were the night before, April 15th:

For my next post, I may have to resort to a very silly story I wrote about a mouse. I bet you can’t wait…

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