‘bye Winter?

1824/8th April 2021

When the weather is fine, as it’s been recently, in the late afternoon I become glued to the window, watching the changing light.

How, I wonder, did I survive so many years, living in suburbia?

Two and a half years on, I am still discovering things.

Drawn by the luminescence of the white trees, I zeroed in on this one, only realizing when I downloaded its image, that it was covered in fluffy flowers.

Which PlantNet tells me is Downy Birch. Sounds right.

Maybe that’s what creates this pinkish hue.

Last night I caught sight of the orange tree at left.

Perhaps it’s another Red Maple, but I can’t get close enough to be sure.

Why must I find the names of plants, when I shall promptly forget them?

Well, I like to be able to identify the pictures I post.

All the early arrivals in my garden seem to be purple or mauve, though I suppose you could call this blue. PlantNet tried to tell me this was an iris, but even I know that’s wrong!

2nd option more likely: Greek thimbleweed. A type of anemone.

On the way back from getting my second vaccine, we noticed a bunch of turtles, sunning by the pond.

Regrettably, I didn’t have my telephoto, so had to attempt creeping up to catch a picture.

What with old dead leaves crunching and my rather ambling gait, by the time I was close enough, the turtles had all dived in, except for this little chap who was either very brave or could judge that I was not very frightening.

We think he’s actually a terrapin.

Looking at the sky and the short sleeves on my arms, I could say we’ve left winter behind.

But I won’t, because look what happened on May 9th 2020:

Of course, that was 2020…

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