0701/17th Februray, 2021

A very different day than yesterday!

It was so bright, with the increased shine off the iced-over snow, my camera wasn’t sure what to do and neither was I.

It’s no help at all that my glasses automatically go dark in bright light which in one way, is a good thing, but it makes it very hard to see the view-finder.

Added to which, frozen fingers can’t hit buttons very effectively.

You’d think a person might give up winter photography!

Walking on the hardened crust was precarious and I worry about the deer with their inadequate foot gear.

Last night they came again to scrape holes through which they can reach the grass in front of my porch. How do they know it’s there?

There is grass everywhere, of course, but it’s this particular patch they favour. It’s a patch of different grass which spontaneously grew at the end of last summer. No idea what it is or whence it came!

How tiny is Little Red!

Even blown up, he’s really small.

And really hungry…

He’s not the only tiny creature I photographed today:

This little bird had been eluding me ever since he returned, recently. Presumably he’d heard good reports about my suet feeders.

Red-breasted nuthatch

The white-breasted nuthatch appeared first and gave in to being photographed fairly quickly. He seems a lot bigger than his dinky little red-breasted cousin, but I’m happy to see them both. I think they are really neat.

A short blog dedicated to tiny creatures.

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  1. Excellent photos of the tiny creatures. I don’t put out bird seed because there are so many cats that live in the wild around my house, but today they are being treated to some cornbread on top of the snow and they are loving that. It’s too cold for the cats to be out, so no worries for the birds.

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