0745/11th February 2021

Time seems to be getting away from me at the moment.

These pictures were of the last snowfall which didn’t amount to much but I was captivated by the way the rising sun lit up the tiny flakes.

Those really are snowflakes, not dirt on the lens!

It was quite glorious that day

The icicle I was monitoring grew very long but finally it became so heavy it fell and shattered.

The ever-accumulating snow is very lovely but I’ve decided that it’s not the best thing for an elderly woman to cavort about in.

As days went on, it became less beautiful and more of an obstacle course. Good exercise, for someone younger!

The deer don’t seem bothered, as they frolic about chasing each other, but I worry about them slipping and hurting those slender legs.

This one came to inspect the ice sculpture

She didn’t seem impressed, but at least she was polite enough not to knock it down.

In a few days temperatures are supposed to moderate, so it will fall down of it’s own accord. If I’d known how long the cold snap would last, I’d have made more of an effort!

Perhaps some food colouring in the water.

Or maybe I would have used one of those old blancmange shapes.

Can you even get them now?

We had a bunny shape when I was small. I never liked eating it’s ears.

A few (quite a few) years ago I was given a chocolate bunny for Easter but I couldn’t eat him. He’s moved with me three times, once coast-to-coast. He’s long past his sale-by date.

The truth is, I’m not a chocolate fancier. And Grant’s not keen on stale chocolate. But I can’t throw a bunny out!

The birds are still avoiding me but I captured Mr and Mrs by aiming the lens through a gap created by cat furniture and squirrel tail.

So I’m wondering if I what I need isn’t a hide but a squirrel costume.

Somehow, I don’t think they would fall for it.

Even the doves seem wary of me these days.

But I’m pleased to see them back.

They are so gentle and sweet.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! You have captured the dreariness as well as the beauty of February! Cardinals always brighten the day!

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